Docker hats


Not all of us are hat people, but sometimes we need something to wear on top of our heads. As the techwear world is exploring many new things, there is a variety of choices you will find in the hat category. Of all, the docker hats are one of the most comfortable and popular options for people.

Most people won’t recognize the name, but you have come across the docker hats. Now, the docker hats are available in the techwear style, famous street-style clothing. So, let’s find more options on the techwear docker hats and learn how to style them.

What is a docker hat ?

man and womand wearing docker hat Some may feel docker as a different word, but docker caps or docker hats are used by people for many years. The docker hats are not something that has been launched recently in the fashion industry, but it has been used by people for many years.

The docker hat won’t come with a special design and feature; it looks like a simple hat, but with a turn-up brim. If you are seeing the hat for the first time, then you won’t see the wide turn-up brim much as the hat won’t reveal details much by itself. But just go and take a second look at the docker hat, you will find a lot of amazing things about this hat.

To be more precise about the docker hat, it is a brimless canvas cap with folded edges, and in the newer style, you will find a strap on the front side of the hat. When we talk about the docker hat most people think only people who work in the warehouse will wear such hat, but it is not.

Now, the incorporation of the techwear in the docker hat has changed the opinion of others. The techwear docker hats come with minimalistic designs and they can be worn by all people. In the past time, the docker hat has been used for many functions and talents, and it is the only hat that can be worn for all occasions. So, let’s find the evolution of the docker hat and its uses.

History of the docker hat

two docker hats

In the 18th century, trading was considered the most important part of the business, and transportation happens by ship across the sea. So, docker hats were mostly preferred by the seamen, sailors, and dock workers which are usually called the dockers. The trading job requires frequent loading and unloading, whatever the condition of the weather, so most workers will prefer the docker hat.

When transportation increased, the popularity of the docker hats also increased. Many people joined for loading and many started to wear the docker hat. When the docker hat was released, most people thought that the docker hat is only for dock workers and longshoremen. But this was not considered a good start as many thieves used to wear that and steal many things from the cargo.

Finally, the docker hat fell into the category of the criminal element. But at the end of the 20th century, suddenly the docker hat got an amazing image makeover, and now, the docker hat can be recently seen in the movies also. The docker hat has turned into an iconic positive attention and many people started wearing it.

It has become the famous and popular docker hat for people of all ages, and to make it even more recognizable, recently the docker hat with techwear style is getting even more recognition.

How the docker hat looks like ?

man wearing a docker hat A long time ago, no one would have thought that the docker hat will become such a trendy item in the fashion industry. The docker hat is typically a sleek-shaped docker hat, and it will closely fit your head.

The hat comes with a flat-shaped design so in most cases, the ears and neck are usually exposed or will be covered partially. In other cases, the docker hats come with another special feature which is a wide turn-up brim, and it can be folded if necessary to protect the ears and neck.


The docker hats will give the image of a bad boy, and it will guarantee lifelong enjoyment for the people who wear them. The docker hats not only make you look good, but also it will offer reliability and functionality.


Why and when to wear a techwear docker hat ?

man wearing a red docker hat Even though the docker hat is meant for the bad boys, the techwear docker hat can be worn by both men and women. It is considered a sophisticated headpiece, and it is suitable for every type of clothing from jackets to jogging suits. The techwear docker hats come with versatile purpose as they can be worn in the winter season, and on the other hand, it is considered trendy.


The hats are considered the perfect choice for all types of clothing for all seasons. The docker hats can be made of materials like acrylic or cotton, while the acrylic will keep the head warm and it comes in a wide range of colors.


The cotton docker hat is light and easy to maintain, so one can prefer cotton techwear cotton hat in the summer periods. You can wear the docker hat anytime in the year whether it is summer or winter, as it will be comfortable to wear. With the techwear docker hats, you can able to see things clearly without the need of lifting them.

How to choose your docker hat ?

woman wearing a docker hat You can wear any type of docker hat as it will look good on anyone, but there are certain things that you need to consider while buying the docker hats. Depending on your need and the look you prefer, you can choose the docker hats, and here are a few things to consider while purchasing the docker hats.


The structure of the docker hat remains the same, but the design and pattern of the hat vary, so you need to know your style, before buying the docker hats. There are many varieties, as for summer, you can prefer something which is both comfortable and fashionable. If want, you can add the sportswear or streetwear style you need. The techwear hats come with minimalistic designs with no graphic designs or heavy patterns.


You will find the techwear docker hats in various colors, so you can choose the color as per your need and favor. Most people prefer the navy blue color, while black, gray, and red are considered the classic colors. If you want to bring techwear style, then you need to choose modern colors. Either you can go for the neutral colors, or you can prefer the flashy colors, which are exactly what you need.



Like the designs and styles, even the material for docker hats will vary widely. If you are looking for docker hats in the spring and summer, then you can prefer lightweight and thin fabrics. Linen or cotton are the most preferred materials, as it is considered comfortable clothing for the summer temperature and keep you away from harmful UV rays. In the time of autumn and winter, we always prefer material that will protect against the cold.


There are docker hats that are made of waterproof and weather-resistant materials such as leather, merino wool, and fleece. Depending on the need, the materials for the docker hats will vary whether it is for skiing, hiking, or an enjoyable snow fight.


As the popularity of docker hats is increasing day by day, the brands for manufacturing docker hats have also increased. There are many brands that involve in the docker hats but TECHWEAR STORM™ is mainly focusing on the techwear docker hats. The techwear docker hats are the latest addition in the fashion industry, and they will make you stand away from the crowd by giving unique style.

Details and finishes

One of the best things to note about the docker hats is that they should come with a minimalistic design. That is why the techwear docker hats are designed as simply as possible, and they won’t come with any printed patterns or badges. But every techwear docker hat will come with little detail so that it will stand away from the crowd.

How to style the docker hats ?

two docker hats The docker hat can easily work, whatever the length of the hair is, even if you have shaved heads the docker hats will look on everyone. So, here are a few tips that will help you on how to style the docker hats :
  • To wear the docker hats properly, you have to push the docker hat completely down to the head
  • The docker hat can be positioned just above the tip of the ear, and it can be slightly pushed back or subtly tilter forward
  • It will combine with all types of clothing as it is elegant and at the same time gives a modern and original touch
  • You can choose both small or large docker hats, but they should fit like a glove
  • The angle of the docker hats is also important as if you wear it too back, it won’t look good

6 best techwear styled docker hats

docker hats Even though the docker hats are considered more famous among the people, the techwear design in the docker hats has made it popular. You will find different varieties of techwear docker hats on TECHWEAR STORM™, and here are a few favorite collections of techwear docker hats.



1. Kira docker hat

This Kira docker hat is completely made of cotton, so it is the perfect choice for the summer look. The best part of this techwear docker hat is that it comes in four different colors. This techwear hat won’t come with heavy patterns or designs.

2. Iduru docker hat

Iduru is a style that represents the graphic touches in the clothing, and if you don’t want to prefer plain techwear docker hat, then prefer this iduru docker hat. This hat has a little minimalistic design and also comes with some minimum wordings.

3. Honsho docker hat

If you are looking for some solid colors, then honsho docket hat is the best choice. This techwear honsho docker hat comes in four different bright colors, and it suits any kind of dress. In this hat, there will be no designs except the minimalistic sticker design.

4. Getsu docker hat

Getsu docker hat comes in the exact circular shape, and everyone will love the shape of the hat. If you are looking for a hat that perfectly fits your head, then this getsu docker hat is the must-try one. This type of hat is available in three colors, and it is completely made of cotton.

5. Classic docker hat

If you are looking for something unique in the techwear docker hat, then this classic docker hat is a perfect choice. The classic docker hat comes in a short hat with the rolled cuff and this is the hat that currently stays in the trend. The classic docker hat is especially for seafarers and bikers, and it comes with a high-quality finish.


6. Zaka docker hat

The zaka docker hat is a locker type of hat, and it is something that everyone should have. You can cover your ear in this hat if you want. The locker of the hat makes you adjust depending on the position you want.


Bottom Line

It would be really a good idea to use a docker hat in your fashion list, as you can fashion it the way you want. This docker hat can be styled for all seasons, and when it comes to the techwear docker hats it will create a different style and make you stand unique from the crowd.


So, if you haven’t really tried the techwear docker hat style, then you should do it now. On TECHWEAR STORM™, you will find wide collections of docker hats which will suit your style and personality. Just look at the site, and find one that matches your needs and preference.

Frequently Asked Questions About Docker Hats

asian man with a docker hat

What is a Docker Hat?

A Docker Hat is a brimless, tight cap, originally popular among workers in maritime industries. It's known for its snug fit and practicality, now a staple in urban fashion.

How to Wear a Docker Hat?

Wear a Docker Hat with the cuff rolled up for a snug fit. It pairs well with casual, streetwear, and techwear styles, adding an edge to your urban ensemble.

Are Docker Hats Suitable for All Seasons?

Yes, Docker Hats can be worn year-round. They're made with various materials suitable for different climates, providing style and comfort in any season.

Can Both Men and Women Wear Docker Hats?

Absolutely! Docker Hats are unisex and versatile, suitable for anyone looking to enhance their style with an urban flair.

How Do You Care for a Docker Hat?

Care for a Docker Hat varies by material. Generally, gently hand wash in cold water and air dry. Avoid harsh detergents and do not machine wash or tumble dry.

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