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Fashion is a vast ocean; you can find thousands of styles emerging every year. In this, people also love to try other country styles, as a part of the fashion. Even this is one of the best ways of upgrading fashion, and here today we have the Japanese style.
A blazer is something that we often wear, but if you are tired of wearing the same style, and want to get any new, then noragi techwear is something that you should not miss. Techwear style is one of the fastest emerging styles, and it is known for offering comfort and style at the same time. Blazer with techwear style is something new to the fashion world, and find out more information about noragi techwear.

What is Noragi Techwear ?

Noragi Techwear If you have ever tried a cardigan style, and really wanted to try anything similar to that, then the Noragi techwear is something that you should try. Noragi is a Japanese-styled jacket and it will be more similar to the cardigan sweater, but it will be edgier. Even you would have noticed many celebrities wearing Noragi techwear over plain t-shirts. In the initial days, Noragi is mostly worn by the Japanese farmers, when they go to work. Even the word “Noragi” means, “Nora” is “farm”, and “gi” means “clothing or uniform” in Japanese. Clothing is something that people prefer only during work. But now, fashion got a huge transformation, and we are wearing them to enhance our style. The Noragi can come in both short and long sleeves, and they are always made of loose structure so that people will get the utmost comfort and mobility. When you are seeing the noragi for the first time, you can see that the entire blazer is mended with the patches. But the noragi with patches is something that serves as a new statement of style in today’s outfit.

Unknown things about Noragi

Noragi Techwear Even there are many unknown things that you should know about the noragi techwear;
  • Noragi style is not only for jackets, but also you will find the noragi style for pants and socks and in most cases, it comes hand-woven by Japanese women. Even this knowledge is getting traveled from generation to generation, from a mother to the daughter
  • In ancient times, they used only indigo for the noragi clothes, as it is the only color that can be got easily, and also the poor are not allowed to wear flashy colors. But now also, we are using the same indigo colors, as the color has anti-mosquito properties
  • During the older times, cotton was imported from China which is to be cultivated and this is the main reason for the introduction Noragi clothes. Later, hemp was replaced little by little, and even the process become more mechanized
  • Noragi didn’t try many materials and patterns, as in Japan; there is a law, that creates a division between the people. Here, the poor people should not show much in front of the rich people, so the pattern and style of Noragi remained the same
  • It is to be believed that the Japanese wore the Noragi clothes till after the end of the second world war

Is noragi and Kimono same?

Noragi Techwear Most people confuse the noragi style with the kimono style, but the kimono style is something that is mainly used for sports-fitting outfits. On the other hand, noragi style is loose clothing that is only worn by the farmers and the workers of the Japanese people. The Kimono has clothing, that has a T-shaped and large rectangles collar, which is mostly sewn or folded. Both men and women of Japanese culture will prefer this, and it is mainly preferred for ceremonies and funerals. The material, colors, and pattern may get vary depending on the age of the marital status. The kimono comes from the influence of both Chinese and Korean styles.

How the fashion of noragi got evolved?

Noragi Techwear Noragi techwear jacket is not mainly introduced for fashion, as Japanese people introduced them to wearing them as a uniform during work. During a particular period of time, this type of Noragi jacket has been pushed aside, and many newer materials and production technique, took over the world with western clothing. While the clothes were designed for the working culture, it always comes with a collar, and also in some cases, the sleeves will be shorter and narrower. Then the patchwork style came into the town which was there for a few days. Then, during the development of noragi jacket, many materials, and various types of geometric shapes have been used. The main goal of the noragi techwear jacket is to improve the life of the clothes, and at the same time, it also looks stylish.

How to style noragi techwear ?

Noragi Techwear The Noragi is Japanese work wear, and it got transformed into a style that everyone started to like it. The noragi techwear jacket can be worn with any kind of clothes, but here are a few tips that will show how to style the noragi techwear to enhance your look.
  • Pair it with a plain dress
This is one of the most common choices which are preferred by people for wearing Noragi techwear jackets. Here you can pair the jacket with any plain white or black tee, which is timeless and classic. This design will offer you flexibility as you can wear it anywhere.
  • Try the light-wash denim
This style is something new, as you can pair the jacket with the light wash jeans, and in the top, you can wear simple tees. The noragi techwear will give you a casual look, and if you are looking for something unique with jeans, then this is the one that you should choose.
  • As a layering piece
When it comes to techwear style, it won’t get complete without trying the layering style. In the layering piece, you can try the noragi techwear jacket under the thicker jacket, and this style can be preferred during the colder weather. Even try wearing the techwear pants that come with multiple pockets and get a stylish look.
  • Give a professional touch
Who said noragi techwear can’t try for the professional look, even though most people prefer this for the casual look, still it can be worn for the professional look. All you need to do is, pair it with the button-down coat, and a tie, which will give a new aesthetic look.
  • Try some accessories
The clothing is not completed until you pair that with specific accessories. Techwear is something that will match perfectly with the accessories. So, when it comes to the noragi techwear jacket, you can try something brim or dad hat, try some wrist candy and chains, and even you can cuff off the sleeves to reveal the accessories.
  • Go fully black
Black is not something new in the techwear style, and also most people prefer black techwear clothes often. If you are a black color-loving person, then try black pants and black noragi jackets. For the tees, you can try any lighter tees to highlight the look.
  • Try over a sweater or shoes
Even during the winter season also, you can try the noragi techwear style, as you can make winter clothes more fashionable. This will be similar to the look of layering pieces, but inside you can wear thicker clothes, and outside you can wear the noragi techwear jacket.

Where to find Noragi techwear?

Noragi Techwear As Noragi techwear fashion is an emerging one, you will find hundreds of online places that are selling Noragi techwear clothes. But Noragi clothing is something that follows some tradition over clothing, and it would be best things to find a shop, that will present the clothes with the utmost style, without replacing the tradition. That is what, Techwear Storm is doing, and this is the place where not only Noragi Techwear, but also will find several different types of techwear clothing. They are presenting the clothes even in streetwear fashion also, to grab the attention of the youngster. This store is a one-stop destination for all your techwear needs.

5 best products from Techwear Storm

Noragi Techwear Techwear Storm comes with the whole collection of Noragi Techwear clothes, without replacing the original Japanese style. Here, you can find the tradition in the techwear clothes, and it will bring the noragi style back, which is an inseparable part of fashion. Here are some recommended collections from Techwear Storm, which you should not miss wearing, and get your favorite ones.
  1. Stark Noragi Techwear
This Stark Noragi Techwear is mainly for men, and it is inspired by the Japanese men’s look. This is the most famous noragi of all the clothes, as it brings the exact vision of the Japanese style. This noragi techwear is made of polyester, and also it is made loosely fit so that it will be comfortable for people. You can style this over a plain t-shirt, sweater, or hoodie, as you can pair this easily with layered clothes. This one is perfect for any kind of season whether it is hot or cold, and you can also wear this indoors or outdoors.
  1. Kensei Noragi Techwear
If you want something lightweight, then Kensei Noragi techwear is the must-try, and even though it got influenced by the American streetwear style, still it carries the Japanese cultural tradition. You will get this noragi in black only, and it is made of high-quality polyester fabrics. This is something both robust and comfortable, so you can wear it whatever the occasion or season is. In summer, you can wear this over a plain t-shirt as this will resemble a uniform, and in the cooler season, you can wear this as a part of the layering clothes. The clothes have ¾ hand feature, come with two handy pockets, and in the front, you will find the buckle.
  1. Rugaki Noragi Techwear
If you are looking for a Noragi techwear jacket, that won’t let the air through, then this is the jacket that you should try. This techwear jacket is the thicker one, so it is more suitable for the cold weather. Even you can wear this jacket as an alternative to the sweater or sweatshirt, as it will look even more stylish. The Rugaki Noragi techwear jacket is specially made of two-ply fabric, which is a mix of cotton and polyester. This is also a water-proof jacket make this used for the versatile purpose.
  1. Kuna Noragi Techwear
Techwear is famous for its trendy streetwear style, and if you want to try something streetwear style, that will also give the Japanese traditional style, then Kuna Noragi Techwear is the one that you should try. It is a long sleeve jacket and comes with front pockets, which will protect you from the cold weather. This jacket is a timeless classic as you can wear it any time you want, and it will never go out of the fashion. It is made of a combination of polyester and cotton, so it offers both lightness and comfort.
  • Cloud Noragi Techwear
The cloud noragi techwear jacket is something that will look more like a Japanese worker silhouette. It will give a casual look, and at the same time, it is trendy and stylish, so you can prefer this for any occasion. The jacket comes with a little touch of denim, so it won’t get easily worn. Also, the fabric is breathable and pleasant, so it would be suitable for the summer season. The thick and sturdy material of the jacket will give it a longer life, and it comes with long sleeves, two front pockets, and a zippered pocket in the left sleeve.

Bottom Line

Noragi Techwear If you are wearing something plain, then noragi blazer is something that you need to wear over the t-shirt and it will make your entire attire looks good. Noragi techwear can go with everything, and to get the high-quality cardigan at the lowest prices, then visit Techwear Storm, and grab your favorite ones.

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