"Mashiro" Techwear cargo pants Camo

Size Guide
Asian size : Take TWO SIZES BIGGER than your usual size*
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* "Mashiro" Camo Cargo Pants are in Asian size: Take TWO SIZES BIGGER than your usual size.

Make the difference with the "Mashiro"  Cargo pants

Size (cm) Waist Length
M 68 97
L 72 98
XL 76 99
XXL 80 100

The "Mashiro" Techwear Cargo Pants Camo is a stylish addition to your wardrobe. Do you want to dress in modern style more often than not, but never had the chance to get a garment that could afford it? If so, then you can change your story now by adopting a pair of pants that have everything modern. It's obvious that the style you've always been looking for can be found in this masterpiece. But first of all, it is important to make its discovery.

Description of these techwear pants

The "Mashiro" Techwear cargo pants Camo is a very stylish designed pant for any wearer. It's a very impressive choice that has been quick to make its way into today's fashion scene. It is inspired by military clothing, which gives it a certain elegance. On the other hand, we can also see hip-pop, an iconic fashion that appeared in 1960. Again, the jogging style certainly inspired the designers of this fashion. It is exactly made in the color of military pants with many pockets on each side. On each of its high pockets is printed the phrase "Sacramento". You can find them in multiple sizes: XXL, M, XL and even L. They have many advantages, which explains their popularity on the market.

The advantages of the "Mashiro" Techwear cargo pants Camo

The "Mashiro" Techwear cargo pants Camo is littered with a flurry of assets. First of all, there is its style which will not go unnoticed during your outings, whether it is at a club or on a walk. On the other hand, there is its great creativity which is another very important aspect. It is a choice that is suitable for both men and women. Finally, there is the level of comfort that offers great satisfaction to the wearer.

What combination with the "Mashiro" Techwear cargo pants Camo ?

There are lots of possible combinations with this type of pants. Because of color, any shirt would suit it. It can be black, blue, gray and much more.


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