"Tsumoto" cargo pants

Size Guide
Asian size: Take TWO SIZES BIGGER than your usual size*
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* "Tsumoto" Cargo Pants are in Asian size: Take TWO SIZES BIGGER than your usual size.

Amazing techwear style with the "Tsumoto" cargo pants

Treat yourself to military style for an elegant walk with the "Tsumoto" cargo pants. You like the military style, don't you? Then, without being military, you can perfectly imitate this style of dress by adopting a pair of pants that is not far from the military outfit. This is a unique way of dressing that will give you a great elegance when you go out with your friends. Now, the new fashion is within your reach and you have all the changes to enjoy it. But before you decide, think about making a little discovery.

Description of these techwear pants

The "Tsumoto" cargo pants is a military style cargo pant that was created some time ago. This is one of the best options you will have on the market. This is a unique opportunity that you should take. As you can see, it is made with exactly the same style, but also with a mix of white, gray and black color as for the military. This streetwear style gives it a certain creativity. Also, it should be noted that its design is somewhat inspired by jogging. It is made in as many sizes as possible, just to diversify the preferences of the public. You can choose between size L, XL, M and even XXL. Best of all, this wonder is unisex, so it can be worn by both men and women.

Great style with the "Tsumoto" cargo pants

Changing the way you dress will no longer be a problem. Just make the decision and the style will come to you. With these pants, you have all the style you need for your outings. Whether you're going to a club or even out for a walk, you'll have everything you need. Even better, it has a very impressive level of comfort. Indeed, it is made of cotton, a very comfortable material, as well as polyester.

How to clean the "Tsumoto" cargo pants ?

For the maintenance of your "Tsumoto" cargo pants, hand washing is the ideal option. You will have to do it with water, but also with Marseille soap for example. However, avoid exposing it to the sun.


  • Techwear cargo pants 
  • Cotton/Polyester

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