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 Shorts are such pieces of clothing that popped up back in the 19th century. Initially whipped up for sports, the very first shorts are a far cry from what you rock today. Back then, society was all about keeping it covered up, and only dudes had the green light to sport them. But hey, times have changed, and those old rules?

They've gotten way more chill. To snag the coolest shorts that celebrate how far we've come, hit up our shop. Dive into styles that blur the lines of the past and rock your vibe today.

techwear storm shorts

Nowadays, it is possible to find several types. The Techwear range is based on cargo shorts. This kind of shorts is very popular with young people, regardless of gender. Inspired by both Japanese futuristic style and military clothing, techwear shorts are both refined and practical.

The origins of shorts

Did you know that in the past it was called shorts? They were invented in 1920 and the name "shorts" comes from the Anglicism that takes the word "short" in "short pants". At first, only men could wear them. The first ones looked more like the Bermuda shorts you see today. The society of the past required a certain dress code that did not reveal too much skin. It was very successful in France around 1930.

At that time, paid vacations had just been launched in the country. It gradually conquered the world from 1950 to 1970. Shorter versions appeared at the same time as the miniskirts. In those days, the public appreciated the mini fashion for all clothes. In our era, the shorts are still relevant.

Some models are more popular than others such as shorts, cargo shorts and many others. The techwear style takes up the cargo utility that makes it famous all over the world. Note that all shorts in this range are generally black.

What are cargo shorts ?

techwear storm cargo shorts

This style is nothing like the models you know. It has wider measurements than the other categories. The cargo shorts are directly inspired by the cargo pants. This model has more pockets than any other. At first, they were not intended for the general public. Only the military could dress in this model.

It is useful for them to carry ammunition, bandages and many other war accessories. Their size is thought for the soldiers to have a little coolness in the zones with high temperature of the planet. Over time, this exclusive use gradually faded. Guns have been replaced by phones.

Bandages have been replaced by wallets and bundles of money. In short, objects that are used on a daily basis. The storage space it offers is its greatest advantage.

What is the Techwear style ?

techwear storm techwear shorts

Techwear is a clothing fashion that comes from Japan. It began to make its way into the markets in the early 70s. Very quickly, this fashion became very popular, especially among those who like unusual clothes


Techwear is both technical and stylish. The textile used to design Techwear shorts goes beyond a simple traditional garment. The seams have been designed to be weather resistant. This style of clothing was designed over 50 years ago.

Used for military purposes, the word "Tech" takes on its full meaning in the practicality of Techwear. The material and techniques used were nothing like what people saw in fashion at the time.


The style appeared around the 70s, when the clothing collection was aimed at Japanese mountaineers and military. It allowed them to have some comfort during the cold seasons. The fabric used is coated with wax (waxing technique) so that the shorts resist to water and cold. It has evolved into Gore-Tex.

At first, this technique was unique to the line, but over time, other clothing manufacturers have applied it in their designs. But it remains above them on the quality of high-end shorts.

Use of the style

Techwear shorts are not for everyone. At least, some uses are not conducive to its quality. Indeed, over time, the range has become a futuristic style that defies the vintage tone. The design of the clothes changes depending on your uses.

The accessories to wear with the shorts also vary depending on its shape. But don't worry, because there are classic categories that are worn on a daily basis. There are also those who prefer an authentic Japanese style.

Why choose the Techwear style ?

techwear storm shorts

The style is very popular among young people who want to have an avant-garde look. If you like to stand out from the crowd, this is the style you can adopt for your outings especially during this summer. You will not go unnoticed in the streets with the clothes of this range.

But the style also allows you to have clothes that keep you warm during the winter even if it is a pantacourt. All this without the logo of big brands or the exceptional engraving that stands out. The range also offers you the possibility to save on your clothing purchases. The clothes of this range have a long life. They can face the worst weather conditions of our planet without losing their color.

Moreover, you will not be able to tear them easily, even if you use a cutter or a blade. The fibers that compose it are of military quality made to resist barbed wire and scratches. Despite this robustness, they are flexible. You won't feel any discomfort when wearing them even if you are playing soccer or climbing a mountain. Their design was thought so that you can move freely without being disturbed.

You won't feel the weight, because the fabric is light, strong and flexible. The biggest advantage of these garments is their large storage capacity. As you already know, they are cargo ships and these stand out for the excessive number of pockets they have. They were designed for your phone, ID card and other everyday gadgets.

They don't get dirty quickly even if they are black. If you have to wash them, the black will not fade even after several washes. Whether it is cold or hot, they have a good hold on the color that composes them.

What are the different Techwear styles ?

techwear storm shorts

You have to prepare yourself mentally to adopt the style. Indeed, it comes in a simple outfit with a fashion that seems non-existent in our time. For this purpose, you will have to find the balance between the variety of colors and accessories that you wear.

Knowing that the shorts are always black, they can be combined with almost any color. In short, you must know all the varieties of the range that exist.

The urban Techwear style

As the name suggests, it's a street wear that looks like it's straight out of a futuristic movie. The details on the clothes are exaggerated so that you look techno. You have the possibility to wear shorts with this style. But it should not be too long or too short. You have to choose one that suits your figure.

The military Techwear style

This is the main inspiration for the line. If you want to go through life with this look, this is the style you should choose. You get to wear a military barda or a military vest to accessorize your look. This will make you look like a soldier from a video game like Call of Duty or Battlefield.

The Techno-Punk style

This is the dark side of the range. It combines both future and lust. If you choose this style, you'll get a stylish and punk look. If you're a fan of cyberpunk, this style will suit you perfectly. You'll see, everyone will be looking at you with these clothes.

The Lunar-Core style

This style is directly inspired by the cosmonauts and their very particular combination. The color scheme of this style usually consists of colors that vary from gray to white. However, it is not appropriate to wear shorts with this one. Instead, it is better to opt for a Techwear cargo pant.

The Greyman style

This style is the opposite of flashy colors and other styles. It's a sober look that is made for the average person. The color tone ranges from black to gray. You can wear a pant with this style without any problem. But pay attention to the seasons, because winter is not really suitable for this style.

The Techwear outdoor style

This style is best suited for those who like to get out and about. It is suitable for mountaineers and hiking fans. The range will keep you warm during your nights in the tents or in the forest. You can wear your short shorts if it's hot, but it's better to wear sneakers that go up to avoid mosquito bites and scratches from branches. It's also the ideal outfit for biking in the mountains or in the forest. You will avoid mixing your pants with the chains of the bicycle.

Sporty Techwear style

This style is best suited for wearing Techwear shorts. Sports is the main use of this outfit, so treat yourself. Choose the style that suits you and wear it with sporty accessories. Don't forget to be consistent with the big family when choosing your clothes.

How to wear Techwear shorts ?

techwear storm cargo shorts

Even if you know the different styles that exist, wearing shorts is not easy. Between personal style and the complexity of choices, the right style seems impossible to find. But don't worry, we'll show you how to wear them properly.

The first rule is to find one that is not too long or too short. It should fit your thighs and legs. Whether it's cargo or streetwear, ideally it should fall just below your knees. It leaves only a tiny part of your legs showing. Your silhouette counts a lot, the suit should not be too tight at the level of your crotch.

But it should not look like a balloon. You only need 1 cm between your skin and the garment to be comfortable. If you don't know what to wear with it, a t-shirt or tank top will do. But it's still best to go for a big t-shirt to imitate rap celebrities.

You can also wear a polo shirt or a shirt, but these tops should be preferably stuck to the chest to show your forms. If it's a little chilly, wear a hoodie, but choose one with a zipper. You can leave it open to enhance your look.

Where to find Techwear shorts ?

techwear storm shorts

TECHWEAR STORM™ is the vendor that has a wide range of Techwear shorts. The clothes sold on the site respect the fashion and manufacturing techniques of the outfits. You'll have a wide range of choices on the models we offer.

Between a variation of urban to sporty style, the products of TECHWEAR STORM™ are of very high quality If you take a look around the store, you will find other clothes that will match your techwear shorts. You will have the possibility to have several advices on the shoes to wear with the garment or on the t-shirt of the same style.

You don't have to go anywhere, secure home delivery is available. A consultant will be able to help you on the website if you don't have the time to go there. The payment is also done on the platform.

If you are not satisfied within 30 days after your purchase, you will have the possibility of being refunded.

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