"Aizen" Techwear cargo pants

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Level up your style with the "Aizen" Techwear pants

"Aizen" Techwear cargo pants

Size Guide (cm)

Size (cm) Waist Hips Length
M 76 100 98
L 80 104 100
XL 84 108 102
XXL 88 112 104

Size Guide (inches)

Size (in) Waist Hips Length
M 29.92 39.37 38.58
L 31.50 40.94 39.37
XL 33.07 42.52 40.16
XXL 34.65 44.09 40.94

The emerging trend of techwear excels where other styles often fall short by sitting at the intersection between form and function. The "Aizen" Techwear Cargo Pants stand as the perfect example of this modern style. These pants feature a straight fit with loose-fitting fabric that gathers around the knees and calves, giving them a casual and urban appeal.

Description of these techwear pants

On either side of the thighs are large pockets devoted to storing everything from phones to wallets to lighters. This gives you access to all of your most-used items kept right on your person. One of the pockets is deceptively creative with its ability to be detached from the main garment and transformed into a small bag that you can drape over your shoulder and carry with you anywhere. Buckles and straps on this multifunctional pocket add to the urban aesthetic.

Available in neutral colors such as light gray and stark black, the "Aizen" Techwear Cargo Pants fit perfectly with the monochromatic aesthetic of the style. They are ready to be worn with any of your favorite tops, hoodies and shoes and won't clash with them no matter what color they may be. With their durable blend of cotton and polyester, these pants are ready to hit the streets with you. They are hard-wearing pants that can take the rough and tumble of UrbEx and resist any damage from casual daily wear.

Stand out with your style when you opt for the "Aizen" Techwear Cargo Pants.


  • Techwear cargo pants + Bag
  • Cotton/Polyester

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