"Arisawa" Techwear gloves

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"Arisawa" Techwear gloves

"Arisawa" Techwear gloves


Treat yourself to the "Arisawa" Techwear Gloves for extra protection for your hands while riding. It's important to protect your hands while riding. In fact, it's even more important when you're a regular rider. But finding gloves that are stylish techwear accessories and offer protection at the same time is not so easy. Now we have a product that will give you total satisfaction. We invite you to discover it before you decide.

Description of these techwear gloves

The "Arisawa" Techwear Gloves is a set of two military designed gloves for hand protection. It is a very impressive product that is even already adopted by many people. It is made in pure black color, an option that gives it more style. Its streetwear design is also undoubtedly one of the reasons why so many people choose it. You can also see hip-pop in its design, another fashion that is growing in popularity. To ensure that everyone can find what they need, this product comes in a variety of sizes including XL, M and L. It can be adopted by both men and women.

The advantages of the "Arisawa" Techwear Gloves

Choosing the "Arisawa" Techwear Gloves is a choice that has many advantages. First, it is its great style that appeals to more and more people. It offers a look that is not found in all gloves. Its color gives it a capacity of marriage with all the colors of clothing. It has a metacarpal reinforcement, which offers you more security and a tightening cuff with hook and loop tape. It is also a very comfortable product because of the materials used in its design. These include nylon, synthetic leather and cotton.

How to clean the "Arisawa" Techwear Gloves?

To maintain the "Arisawa" Techwear Gloves, spray water on its surface and let the mixture work. Then you can rub it to make it shine, before drying it.


  • Techwear gloves
  • Metacarpal reinforcement : Yes
  • Cuff tightening : Self-gripping tape
  • Material : Nylon, synthetic leather, cotton

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