"Masaki" Techwear cargo pants

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"Masaki" cargo pants - A techwear classic

"Masaki" Techwear cargo pants | TECHWEAR STORM™
"Masaki" Techwear cargo pants | TECHWEAR STORM™
"Masaki" Techwear cargo pants | TECHWEAR STORM™
"Masaki" Techwear cargo pants | TECHWEAR STORM™
"Masaki" Techwear cargo pants | TECHWEAR STORM™
"Masaki" Techwear cargo pants | TECHWEAR STORM™

Size Guide (cm)

Size (cm) Waist Hips Length
S 63-90
103 96.5
M 66-93 108 98
L 69-96 113 99.5
XL 72-99 118 101
XXL 76-103 123 103
XXXL 80-110 128

Size Guide (inches)

Size (in) Waist Hips Length
S 24.80-35.43 40.55 37.99
M 25.98-36.61 42.52 38.58
L 27.17-37.80 44.49 39.17
XL 28.35-38.98 46.46 39.76
XXL 29.92-40.55 48.43 40.55
XXXL 31.50-43.31 50.39 41.34

Choosing the "Masaki" Techwear cargo pants is a great idea for your wardrobe. Indeed, you like to fill your wardrobe with the best collections of pants? If so, then this is a model that deserves its place in your stuff. It is one of the most popular options on the market today. Now might be the time to take the opportunity to get one. But first, get to know it before you decide.

Description of these techwear pants

The "Masaki" Techwear cargo pants is a very stylish cargo pant that gives elegance to its wearer. Indeed, it is a very common choice, as it is worn in almost every corner of the world. It is known especially for its streetwear, a reference to military clothing. But if you look closely, you can also see hip-hop style, one of the most popular fashions in the world. It's made of a pure black color with lots of pockets on each side.  So you have places to store small items. To diversify your taste, these pants are made in several sizes. These include size S, XXL, XL and many others. Best of all, men can wear it, as well as women.

Creativity with "Masaki" Techwear cargo pants

One of the most striking aspects of these cargo pants is their great creativity. In fact, it's a choice that allows you to dress with a more modern style. Better yet, you can stand out from the crowd by adding your own personal inscriptions. Also, it has a great comfort. In fact, these pants are made with cotton, a material whose comfort level is not to be presented anymore. But you can also find them in polyester, the other reference in terms of comfort. There is no doubt that you will not have the slightest concern to dress for your outings whether in the evening or during the day.

How to wear the "Masaki" Techwear cargo pants ?

You have many choices of combination with the "Masaki" Techwear cargo pants. In fact, its black color makes it very versatile. You can pair it with white, blue, grey and other light colored shirts.


  • Techwear cargo pants 
  • Cotton/Polyester

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