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Level up your style with the "Rotsu" Oversized T-Shirt

An oversized t-shirt is an oversized t-shirt with a loose fit that lands below the waist and forearm. The wearing of this type of clothing is very recurrent today. However, if you want to stand out from the crowd, choose original, creative and trendy clothes like the "Rotsu" Oversized T-Shirt. Here is why this t-shirt should be part of your wardrobe.

Description of this Oversized t-shirt 

"Rotsu" Oversized T-Shirt is a t-shirt from the TECHWEAR STORM™ clothing collection. This garment comes in a purple color and it is actually the only color available. The face of the t-shirt is decorated with small multicolored stars. Also on the face of the t-shirt, it is drawn a girl with clouds and a circle, a sign of cheerfulness. The "Rotsu" Oversized T-Shirt from TECHWEAR STORM™ is also made with 100% cotton and available in four different sizes. These include sizes M, L, XL and XXL, all of which carry the message Made Extreme.

"Rotsu" T-Shirt, mark of originality

Speaking of originality, "Rotsu" Oversized T-Shirt is a thick outfit thanks to its manufacturing material that is cotton. Then, the garment stands out by the excellent marriage of colors that it presents. Moreover, the sleeves are attached to the upper part of the t-shirt in a very aesthetic way. However, in case your expectations are not met after the purchase, you have the possibility to make a complaint online. Afterwards, your complaint will be executed within 30 days to give you satisfaction..

How to wear the "Rotsu" oversized T-Shirt

For men, "Rotsu" Oversized T-Shirt is usually worn for a streetwear style. So you can combine it with a cap and nice pants. It is also possible to wear your "Rotsu" Oversized T-Shirt with a cap and jeans pants, all matched by a chain. On the other hand, if you are a girl, you should know that this garment is perfect to spend romantic moments with your darling. Just wear your Oversized T-Shirt with a pair of boxer shorts underneath. It also allows you to be casual without exposing your intimacy. So, seize this opportunity to be admired by your entourage.


  • Oversized T-shirt
  • 100% coton

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