The Intersection of Techwear and Cyberpunk: How Sci-Fi is Influencing Fashion

August 23, 2022 6 min read

The Intersection of Techwear and Cyberpunk: How Sci-Fi is Influencing Fashion


Now, if you're a fan of science fiction and all things to do with fashion, this is precisely where you shall see the two coming together as never before. First is techwear, and the other is cyberpunk; these two styles have their roots intertwined in sci-fi. And though they may sound identical, their differences still abide.

Techwear, focusing on the mixing of high-tech material and textile in clothing, brings with it very smooth and futuristic trends. Cyberpunk, on the other hand, it's just out for the dark side of science fiction with leather, metal, and spikes. Incredibly hot right now, both of them have unique views on fashion for anyone who loves sci-fi. 

Examining the Origins of Techwear

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It's highly likely that for all those who go by fashion trends, recently you must have come across the words "techwear" and "cyberpunk" many times. But really, what are those? Techwear is a kind of style of clothing that takes function to bring innovation into the design. Often, it includes high-tech materials—like neoprene—and advanced construction techniques that include bonded seams and waterproof zippers.

Cyberpunk, on the other hand, is a sub-genre of work that tries to tell about a dark futuristic setting surrounding computer technology and information. Usually, the hero of such fiction is a hacker or a rebel, and he has to struggle with all his power against the crushing regime of the government. How come it has now started flowing into one idea? From fiction and films towards the masses of great numbers of designers, it is leaning towards creating subversive and futuristic designs of techwear.

Be it a hoodie with a secret phone charger built right in, a jacket equipped with its very own lights, or a space-age raincoat made of such materials, examples run riot.

How the Cyberpunk Esthetic Is Becoming Popular

Cyberpunk Esthetic @pixelhula

You might have noticed a trend in fashion recently that's inspired by all things cyberpunk. From their shiny, metallic fabrics down to the bold, futuristic designs, this is an esthetic catching up with the times. And no prices for guessing which is the most organic semblance of all. The cyberpunk aesthetic has a lot to do with embracing the future, and who doesn't love a good sci-fi movie?

And naturally, with all those technological advancements, this esthetic would start touching fashion. So if you are one of those people who cast an appreciative glance at the prospect of refreshing your wardrobe with some new-futuristic pieces, then check out some of the best brands inspired by cyberpunk. You're sure to find something that will have you looking like a total badass!

The influence of cyberpunk on fashion cyberpunk aesthetics

You may have noticed that fashion is going more and more towards a cyberpunk look of late. Though the idea of cyberpunk might be a little frightening, the fact of the matter is that the style actually is something fairly versatile and, in the long run, flattering if done right.

In other words, the overall look of cyberpunk is to have the high-tech looking very out of place with the low-tech, juxtaposing the high-tech and low-tech in a way that would bring about a look best characterized as gritty futurism. From off-balance and striking haircuts to bold make-up statements, go ahead and experiment. If you're looking to give your own wardrobe a dose of cyberpunk flavor, be sure to check out our top picks from some of the hottest, most recent runways. You're bound to be inspired!

The intersection of techwear and cyberpunk

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Obviously, techwear and cyberpunk are closely connected enough. What may make a clear and concrete connection? Well, first of all, an esthetic look: the streamlined, modern, and advanced kind of appearance in both genres brings some kind of future aura with their bold colors and sharp silhouettes.

Both techwear and cyberpunk make reference to science fiction, and quite a few designers of either style take themes from movies, books, and video games for inspiration in their lines.

Focusing more on function than form in the products they offer, giving a styled-up garment designed for practicality. Lastly, the two challenge both traditional perceptions of fashion, offering sometimes unique garments that more often than not stand out from the crowd.

How techwear and cyberpunk have influenced each other

cyberpunk and techwear fashion


You may be wondering how techwear and cyberpunk have influenced each other. Cyberpunk is often referred to as an inspiration of techwear, since most of the elements of fashion found in cyberpunk take place in the techwear designs. Cyberpunk, in most cases, covers a futuristic high-tech design, integrated into clothing items, such as metallic fabrics and neon accents as important details.

All these are the common elements in modern techwear. The esthetic of the cyberpunk is strongly formed on technology and its integration into life, so again, many similarities are drawn with the focus area of techwear. Techwear, on the other hand, has interestingly affected the fashion of cyberpunk. The futuristic designs of traditional cyberpunk fashion turned into a more utilitarian wardrobe protecting from harsh climates or surroundings.

Some have called it "futuristic utility": clothes that look as though they have come from the future but have a practical application in the present world. Techwear has thus empowered a development of the classic cyberpunk esthetic without divesting it from the very core it was based on.

Designers and Brands who have incorporated elements of both Techwear and Cyberpunk into their collections. You probably see in many collections and brand campaigns, reflection for this mixed trend, taking both techwear and cyberpunk influences.

Examples of designers and brands that have incorporated elements of both techwear and cyberpunk into their collections

adidasy3 outfit @adidasy3

Recently, the house Balenciaga's collection inspired by techwear, therefore, had some pieces reflective and waterproof.

At the same time, the luxury label Acne Studios presented a completely new collection on the theme of cyberpunk: the use of neon colors with metallic details in statement outfits like leather jackets and hooded jumpsuits in the line "Revolutionary War.

Y-3 is cooler when it comes to the techwear label, having fused high fashion with sporty silhouettes in their collections, embracing some elements of the cyberpunk esthetic. An elegant but trendy side of techwear might be brands such as Edge of Ember, Monarc Jewellery, and V-10.

If there has been a sophisticated yet trendy side of techwear, it could be addressed by brands like Fear of God, Off-White, and CDG Play. Futurism touches in mesh panels and glossy fabrics, which together with everything else make it completely "now" also play a part in this type of gear.


What to Expect From the Future of Techwear

adidas y3 fashion outfit @adidasy3

So, what does that mean for the future of techwear and cyberpunk fashion? With an ever-increasing influence from science fiction, it would seem likely that the esoteric world of techwear may soon become a bit more mainstream.

Assuming that designers continue pushing the boundaries and testing the possibilities, one can definitely be sure that even more detail and function lie in store. After all, techwear is really more than just a type of wear; it is a method of self-expression.

With this fast trend rising and becoming even more available, shoppers can look forward to finding those stylish pieces that are both functional and one-of-a-kind. So, techwear is here to stay, and we are hyped!


Final thoughts on the importance of understanding the intersection of techwear and cyberpunk in fashion

techwear and cyberpunk fashion @kyoto.wolf

It is obvious that techwear fashion has been heavily influenced by cyberpunk. That knowledge puts you in a position to make better choices between picking out something to wear from the genres that intersect now and in the past. Knowing this history and which elements of cyberpunk are affecting techwear will give you a better understanding and, hence, appreciation for the clothes you are wearing.

Not only that, but it also helps to create a sense of community among people who share your interests. It acts as an anchor for people identifying with both worlds by dragging them into a place where fashion meets tech and sci-fi. Techwear is ever-evolving. Keeping up with it means checking out the latest in cyberpunk to get a real edge in fashion.

This is a real revelation for the true lover of both to understand the crossroads between the two in really understanding how to wear their wardrobe with a sense of self they never knew existed.


cyberpunk fashion

So, what does this mean for fashion? In short, it means blurring the line between fashion and function. Traditionally, clothing was purely functional—often used to keep us warm or protect our bodies from the elements. Today, however, we want our clothes to do more than just that.

We want them to show off, to make a statement, to show who we are in this world. And that's where techwear comes in. Techwear is a style of mixing functionality and fashion. It involves the creation of wearables or function-wears using the latest technology adapted.

No wonder it provides a perfect cocktail with the cyberpunk aesthetic—it deals with mixing fashion with function. And that's why cyberpunk is such a perfect fit for techwear.

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