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Level up your style with Oversized T-Shirts

Whether it is men or women, the wardrobe won’t get completed if they don’t have any t-shirts in it. T-shirts are everyone's favorite choice, whether they like to show some fashion or not. If we want to dress modern yet in a cool style, if we don’t have time to get fashion then we prefer t-shirts, or if want to wear something comfortable we prefer t-shirts. The world without t-shirts can’t be imagined, right?

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Among the t-shirts, oversized t-shirts are staying in trend for a very long time. Even though we wear oversized t-shirts as it is cozy and comfortable, they still need to be styled in a perfect way.

There are hundreds of styles available, yet one style which people are more attracted to the techwear styled oversized t-shirts. The techwear style is something more people are fond of, and it is the constant fashion that stays for a longer time.

So, let’s find more details and also know the tips on how to style the oversized t-shirts of the techwear style.

Evolution of oversized t-shirts

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T-shirts are incorporated from pop culture, and during the period of the 1990s, the giant t-shirts paired with simple pants and sneakers are in a trend for a longer time. Most people prefer t-shirts that come with a broad shoulder that hides the body shape.

But, a few years back, oversized t-shirts are used as gym cloth, as most superheroes used to wear the clothes to hide their body from the press. This is where the concept of the oversized t-shirt started, and after a few years, most people started wearing it, as it comes with tangible benefits.

Other than the actors, even common people started wearing oversized t-shirts, as in this oversized t-shirt, it is easy to move the body, lot of air circulation, and also can take a break from the closely fitted clothes.

Then, as years passed by, more designs and different types of materials have been used to make oversized t-shirts.

An intro on the oversized t-shirts

Oversized T-Shirts

There are different types of t-shirts available right now like slim fit t-shirts, and baggy styled t-shirts, but oversized t-shirts are considered to be the next big thing. There are many brands that are introducing a lot of designs in the oversized t-shirts, as the oversized t-shirts can be wearing for any seasons and for any occasion. It would be the perfect option if you want to be comfortable and at the same time modern and stylish.

In the recent times, fashion is not all about looking good, but also it is about being comfortable. So, the clothes that are both stylish and comfortable get a good rating from the people. In the same way, oversized t-shirts are comfortable, and depending on how you wear, you can style that in a different way.

The oversized t-shirts come in hundreds of designs and style, and one of the best style is the techwear style. Yes, techwear not only for hoodie and cargo pants, but it also offer oversized t-shirts.

Why prefer the techwear oversized t-shirts

Oversized T-Shirts

Techwear is a new kind of clothing style that comes with the brightest trends in designs, fashion, and technology. Even many fashion industries believe that techwear style will be the next generation in streetwear fashion.

Techwear stays in the fashion industry for a very long time, and most prefer that style as all their clothing is designed with cutting-edge fashion. The techwear clothes come with thoughtful design features which you won’t find in normal clothing. For example, the pants of the techwear style come with strategically-placed pockets, and buckles, or are designed with futuristic, cyberpunk prints.

Techwear is a kind of style that will make you look unique from normal clothing. You will find everything in the techwear-styled clothing from the bright patterns to the slick color combinations.

Now, they started something new in the oversized t-shirts, as already the oversized t-shirts are going well in the market, incorporating the techwear style in the oversized t-shirts will make it even more popular.

Techwear oversized t-shirts are for one, who wanted to try something very comfortably, and also shouldn’t wear any tightly. One of the biggest benefits of an oversized t-shirt is that it will make you feel free. These loose-fitted t-shirts are not only designed for comfort, as the look of the t-shirt will vary from person to person depending on how they style it.

That is why; most musicians and actors prefer the techwear oversized t-shirts to create a unique design by adding their unique image. Most techwear oversized t-shirts come with a hip-hop look, and boyish charm, and they are made of cotton or polyester.

How to choose the best-oversized t-shirt

Oversized T-Shirts


Oversized t-shirts are considered to be baggy t-shirts, which doesn’t mean that you need to choose something larger. Choose a t-shirt that is very well cut for your silhouette, and it should not be too wide after all.


When buying oversized t-shirts, it would be the best idea if you buy a t-shirt that is two times larger than your normal size. Most stylists prefer “go two sizes bigger than your normal fit” which is the only thing you need to remember. The t-shirt should be loose around your waist and shoulder and fall a few inches longer than the normal t-shirt.


It is best to prefer neutral colors so that you can pair your oversized t-shirt with any type of clothing.

Technical criteria

Technical criteria are something that you should consider if you are wearing a techwear oversized t-shirts. You need to choose one that goes to the waist but is not too long; the sleeves should reach halfway up your arms, and the seams line up perfectly where the shoulder ends.

In techwear, you will get two types of the neckline which is round and V-neck. The round neck will give a timeless look, while the V-look is especially for smaller individuals.

5 tips to style your oversized t-shirt

oversized t-shirt on man and woman

1. Make the most of your shoulder

In the oversized t-shirt, one part of the body will seem like falling which is a part of the oversized trend.

2. Choose your accessories well

The main rule in styling the oversized t-shirt is that people can create their own style depending on their image. So, if you want to create your own style in an oversized t-shirt, then accessories will play a huge role.

3. Go long and loose

Make sure your t-shirt will go long till the waist, and also it should be loose, as the oversized t-shirt should be double your size. This is the tip that will bring the perfect oversized style you need.

4. Pile it on

The best thing about the oversized t-shirt is that it can be worn on top of a normal t-shirt also. So, if you want, you can wear any other traditional cloth with an oversized t-shirt to make a unique style.

5. Don’t be shy

You have to try different styles, as some styles will be suitable for the office, while the others will go well for the hangouts.

15 best techwear oversized t-shirts

OVERSIZED T-SHIRTS on man and woman

1. Renji oversized t-shirt

Never think that techwear is a cloth that comes with strong fashion, sometimes you may feel like wearing light clothing. This is the time you should consider wearing Renji’s oversized t-shirt, which comes with the original style, and it will make you look simple yet modern.

2. Shigeku oversized t-shirt

Most people are a fan of black color, and if you are one among them, then choose Shigeku oversized t-shirt. These t-shirts are considered to be aesthetic, and also trendy in recent times. The best thing about this t-shirt is that on the front surface of the t-shirt you can see a hooded person positioned finger at both ends of his mouth.

3. Korono oversized t-shirt

Korono oversized t-shirt is both for men and women, and this will be the perfect outfit if you want to go out wearing simple. Most stars from the film industry prefer this type of Korono t-shirt and depending on how you worn; the style of the t-shirt differs.

4. Rotsu oversized t-shirt

Rotsu oversized t-shirt comes with a loose fit, and the t-shirt will land below the forearm and the waist. If you really wanted to try something unique in techwear style, then prefer this rotsu-styled t-shirt. You can style the t-shirt will nice pants and a cap.

5. Momo oversized t-shirt

Momo oversized t-shirt is especially for the younger people who wanted to dress in a techwear style. Even this is for someone who is new to the techwear style, as the printed t-shirt will definitely be liked by them. In this t-shirt, the sleeves will be short and come with a round neck tightened at the neck.

6. Jushiro oversized t-shirt

Every girl will love to have a butterfly printed t-shirt and you will get like that even in techwear style. At this moment, the butterfly printed techwear t-shirt stays in trend, and it is considered an excellent choice for clothing.

7. Mayuri oversized t-shirt

If you are looking for something that is comfortable and at the same time, not comes with ordinary style, then Mayuri oversized t-shirt is a perfect choice. Even you can prefer this type of t-shirt for casual clothing, as it will be comfortable, and also make others look at your style jealous.

8. Jidan oversized t-shirt

This is something new in the techwear style, so if you love to wear t-shirts, then your wardrobe should have this Jidan oversized t-shirt. It will completely give you the casual style; even you will look like a rapper in the 90s. The features of the t-shirt make this look unique from other styled t-shirts.

9. Kanisa oversized t-shirt

Kanisa oversized t-shirt is especially for one who loves to adopt streetwear style in their fashion. One of the very best things about this t-shirt is that it will easily fit with any clothes in your wardrobe. This shirt is usually worn loose, and it comes with a deep round neckline, and short, wide sleeves.

10. Orihime oversized t-shirt

Orihime oversized t-shirt is considered to be a timeless t-shirt and this t-shirt will make you evolve into the streetwear style. Most youngsters prefer this t-shirt as it is very fashionable at this moment, and even it will make you the center of attraction.

11. Kuroro oversized t-shirt

Kuroro oversized t-shirt is in trend right now, as most people prefer this and even we can say this is a tempting t-shirt. Kuroro oversized t-shirt comes with an interesting feature, so it attracts the younger people a lot. This shirt is not only oversized but also it is printed and stands unique from other styles.

12. Ikaku oversized t-shirt

Ikaku oversized t-shirt will make you style the fashion in the easiest way and in a shorter time. The t-shirt is available in two different colors which are gray and brown, and if your wardrobe is filled with black and white t-shirts then this is something you should try.

13. Ayase oversized t-shirt

If you are in the search of best techwear oversized t-shirts, then Ayase oversized t-shirt should be on your list. This is an amazing outfit that values your money, and at the same time, it will make you look presentable and public at the same time. This fashionable outfit may help you to show off your style.

14. Gekuni oversized t-shirt

Gekuni oversized t-shirt completely adopts the techwear style, and even this t-shirt is considered the trend of the moment. This is typically an oversized one, so you can put this on your list. Urahar oversized t-shirt Urahar oversized t-shirt is something you need to choose for styling in casual cloth yet at the same time, modern. Even with this t-shirt, you can achieve the streetwear style if you wear it properly. The round neck of this outfit will give you a choker-style clothing feel.

15. Urahar oversized t-shirt

Urahar oversized t-shirt is something you need to choose for styling in casual cloth yet at the same time, modern. Even with this t-shirt, you can achieve the streetwear style if you wear it properly. The round neck of this outfit will give you a choker-style clothing feel.

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