Techwear : What is it and how to master this style

May 09, 2023 7 min read

Techwear - What is it and how to master this style



Techwear is one of the most familiar words in fashion if you are very much interested in the fashion industry. When it comes to fashion or clothing style, it is all about the designs, material uses, and trends. But techwear is the only clothing style that is concerned about the comfortable yet modern and also comes with versatile functions.

Techwear style has been in the fashion industry for a long time, and even it is emerging every single day by releasing new trends. If you are hearing this fashion term for the very first time, then don’t worry this fashion article will feed you with as much information about techwear.

Simple understanding of techwear

two men in techwear style Techwear is nothing but clothing and accessories, but it is designed keeping technology in mind. The techwear clothes generally include outdoor activities clothes, clothes used for adventurous sports, and also certain clothes which are designed by incorporating modern technologies like digital printing and advanced fabrics.

Apart from fashion, techwear clothing is all about function, and the growth of techwear is tremendous as now it is commonly seen on the streets of major cities. Even the actors started to incorporate the techwear style in their clothing, as the famous American guitarist dressed in the techwear style which made him look amazing.

So, in techwear, there will be a blend of fashion that is made of man-made materials, and it incorporates a new form of techniques so that there will be an emerging new form of functionality. Never think that the techwear clothing will come only in one form, as it comes with multiple pockets, entire clothing in black, trying some punky colors, or in many other styles.

One of the main reasons why techwear clothing got famous is the material, as it is breathable, temperature controlled, versatile, and also adapted to the current style.

Origin and evolution of techwear

two person in techwear style The origin of techwear can be tracked down to a number of years back, and it was first introduced for mountaineering and outdoor adventurous activities. In 1930, mountaineers began to wear clothes that are made of materials like nylon and polyester.

These clothes will be lighter and when compared to the traditional fabrics, it is lighter. Later, techwear clothing started to come with modern technologies like digital printing and advanced fabrics, and 1980’s many companies started to design techwear clothes with new fabrics.

They also started to design clothes that were comfortable and also functional, especially for the athletes. In the 1990s, many Japanese designers started to use innovative materials and constructive methods in their designs. Over the years, techwear clothes evolved a lot as initially, it looks like normal clothes that come with a technology twist.

Right now, it has become more and more specialized in materials, designs, and other things. In today’s time, we are getting techwear clothes that are more functional, as they will be made of water-resistant materials, comes with multiple pockets, or offer breathable materials. So, the techwear clothes are mainly for the one who wanted stylish clothes but still doesn’t want to compromise comfort.

Just pick up the genre, and choose the clothing with matching accessories, and that is all you are all set. You will find hundreds of looks in techwear clothing that carries so much style and comfort.

Why try techwear clothes?

techwear outfits

Everyone can try techwear clothes as it will make you stand unique from the crowd, and also it is considered one of the biggest attractions. Many people are spending so much time in fashion, when it comes to techwear clothes you can style easier without much effort, at the same time; you will look modern and stylish. 

Key techwear things to have in your wardrobe

a man in techwear style, a man with a helmet in techwear outfit Every fashion style can be broken into the core elements, and in the same way, techwear is all about dressing to the genre.

The outfit may look simple, but in an instant, it will give a modern look. If you are planning to get into the techwear look, then your wardrobe should have all these elements.

1. techwear Jacket

While talking about the key techwear clothes, a jacket is the first thing that will come to mind. The hardshell jacket is a windbreaker jacket and it provides water resistance.

The softshell jacket is a cotton running jacket, and it will provide more comfort but offer less protection. The hardshell jacket is made of technical fabrics to withstand adverse weather conditions and the softshell jacket is for daily wear.

2. Cut above the rest

Techwear clothing is made of high-quality materials only, and its main role is to mimic the movements of the human body. So, there are pants that have articulated joints at the inner elbow, which will allow the movement of the body freely, by preventing the fabric from pulling at the critical point.

3. Insulation

The insulation is an optional one depending on the weather, and it will add an extra layer to the outer layer. If you are living in a colder place, then you can use it as it will make you feel warm.

4. Shirts

The shirts are considered the basis of the outfit, here in techwear shirts it is made of material that offers more utility. There are different types of materials, and depending on the budget you can get one. Try to pick one that offers more comfort and the material should be breathable.

5. Multiple pocket pant

Cargo pants or multiple pocket pants are one of the most common options in techwear circles. The pants are sharp and made by precision engineering using the latest fabric technology. There are waterproof fabrics also available which you can carry anywhere.

6. Shoes

To complete the look, also buy the techwear shoes that will match your outfit. There are sneakers available and apart from this, you will find hiking boots, and trail running sneakers. There are many brands that are making shoes with innovative materials and forward-thinking designs.

7. Other accessories

Techwear is not all about clothing; even you need to choose the accessories that will match the outfit. Complete the look with bags or chest rigs which will completely make you look cool. Even there are bags that come with the compartments, and other accessories like masks, and caps will also go well with the techwear look.

Techwear looks that you should try

When it comes to the look, techwear is not all about wearing layered clothes or fully covered in black clothes, even you can try the simple look. Even if you wear a jacket or cargo pants, still it will come under the techwear look. Let’s check out the different types of techwear looks that everyone should give a try;

Ninja look

two men in ninja look The techwear ninja look is one of the most popular and common looks in techwear clothing, as the entire clothes will be in black. So go for carrot-cut trousers and asymmetric pockets for easier access, which all will look great together.

Tonal layering

There are also light colors that you can try like greys, brown, or olive green which will make you look muted. When going for light colors, you can wear things like heat-trapping layers near your skin, pocket-heavy outwears over the top and similar other things.

A little touch of techwear

Sometimes if you don’t want to dress over, then you can give a little touch of techwear clothing. Here, you can mix the traditional material like wool with techwear made of a poly blend. It will give a traditional feel, but still, you will get a futuristic look.

Grey man techwear

Grey man techwear is mainly for the men’s style and it is a complex kind of style in techwear clothing. Here, you will be wearing techwear that will suit for office or even for BBQ with the boys.

Grey man techwear is not similar to the other techwear clothing, as it is considered the brother of techwear.

Outdoor techwear

Techwear is mainly introduced to satisfy two needs; one is military and the other is outdoor adventures. Depending on the weather, you can style the outfit, for example, if you are in winter, then you can wear the down vest which is designed for all the needs you want.

Supermodern techwear

Supermodern techwear is mostly designed like traditional outwear, and it comes with aesthetic references. Techwear is not all about wearing astronaut clothing, sometimes you can wear simple and functional fabrics too. This type of techwear is more accessible in terms of prices, and wearability.

Military techwear

military techwear The final look is the weekend warrior look, and here you can try military-inspired outfits that include surplus gear, and highly functional garments. Most people think this type of distasteful, but this is how most worlds wear technical apparel. So, try wearing a mask and jacket, and along with this, you can wear cargo pants.

What to look for while buying techwear?

techwear outfits

While buying techwear clothes, make sure it is made of high-quality material and they should come for a longer time. Also, the clothes should fit your well, and depending on the weather condition, you can either choose a waterproof or windproof material. There are plenty of styles available in techwear clothes; you need to choose a style that suits your individual style.

Likewise, the brands are also many, so choosing a brand that is in the market for so many years, and also has a good reputation.

Benefits of wearing techwear

a man and a woman in techwear clothes
  • One of the major benefits of techwear clothing apart from fashion is that it will make the styling process easier
  • Techwear rain jackets are available which will make you feel warm and dry during the downpour, and some pants come with multiple pockets so you can carry a lot of stuff
  • Techwear clothing is all about being functional and practical, so it plays a versatile role
  • Even though certain clothes cost a little bit high still it will come for a longer time
  • The cutting-edge fashion technology is for everyone and for all activities

Golden rules of styling techwear

two men in techwear style
  • If you are a beginner, then dressing in techwear style may seem a daunting task, but the first thing is to choose the right clothing that fits you well and the accessories that go well with the cloth
  • Experiment with different designs and materials, so that you will find the one that is especially for you
  • Whatever you choose, stay classic as the look is all about to staying true to its minimalistic roots
  • Go for the neutral palette that will look predominant, but still finish the look with the colorful touches
  • As there are a number of local brands, stick to the original brand of techwear clothing

Bottom Line

When hearing it the first time, most people think that techwear is something related to technology term. But, in simple words, it refers to the clothing style which is made of high-quality fabrics and comes with deep functionality.

This streetwear fashion style is most suitable for everyone whether it is men or women, and if you haven’t tried this, then go and grab the techwear clothes.

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