"Retsu" Techwear Cargo pants

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* "Retsu" pants are in Asian size: Take one size bigger than your usual size.

"Retsu" Techwear pants for an outstanding techwear style

 "Retsu" Techwear Cargo pants

Size (cm) Length


M 101 74 - 84 111
L 102 78 - 88 115
XL 103 82 -92 119

Give yourself great freedom by choosing the "Retsu" Techwear cargo pants. So, isn't it much more interesting to feel liberated in the way you dress? Yet, that's not what we've had in recent years in fashion. However? It seems that a whole new wind is blowing with specially designed clothes that understand this concept. This is the case of these beautiful pants that we want you to discover.

Description of these techwear pants

"Retsu" Techwear Cargo pants

The "Retsu" Techwear cargo pants are a securely designed pant that can be worn anywhere and for many occasions. There is now a unique style that allows both men and women to feel comfortable while out and about. Made in pure black color, its style is simply an art that you should definitely adopt. There is no better way to go out casual wherever you go. This wonder is composed of a multitude of pockets in which you can store your personal belongings like your cell phone for example. On the other hand, its realization in several sizes is a guarantee that you will find your size. In fact, it exists in three different sizes: XL, M and L.

Casual style with the "Retsu" Techwear cargo pants

"Retsu" Techwear Cargo pants

Free yourself during each of your outings by betting on these beautiful pants. It is suitable for all your outings including walking, nightclubs that they are in the day or evening. It will be enough just to find the best combination and the turn is played. It is made in streetwear style, which also feeds its great originality. As for its comfort level, it has absolutely nothing to say. It is designed on the one hand with cotton, a material whose comfort is useless to invoke. On the other hand, polyester is also one of its materials of realization.

What about the combination with the "Retsu" Techwear cargo pants ?

"Retsu" Techwear Cargo pants

You don't have to worry about combining with these pants, as their style gives them great versatility. Worn over any tee in any color, its originality will always be there.


  • Techwear cargo pants 
  • Cotton/Polyester

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