"Shunsui" Techwear cargo pants

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European size Oversize
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"Shunsui" Techwear pants for a perfect techwear style

Size (cm) Waist Length
S 106 100
M 110 102
L 114 104

Go for a technical fashion by opting for the "Shunsui" Techwear cargo pants. The best choices in fashion are becoming increasingly rare. It is nowadays more difficult to find a garment with a unique style and able to offer all the charm you need. However, it seems that hope is still allowed with some clothes that do not lack creativity. This is precisely the case with this product that has very technical characters to offer you. Before thinking about making a choice, we invite you to discover it.

Description of these techwear cargo pants

The "Shunsui" Techwear cargo pants is a pant made by fashion experts and has many advantages. Inspired by the military style and streetwear fashion, these pants can make you change your style quickly. First of all, you should notice a great resemblance of these pants with the jogging. Also, the hip-pop style is not missing either, so a whole mix of styles for your pleasure. It is made in several colors including black and gray. This will allow you to diversify your tastes. On the other hand, it is made in oversized European sizes including S, L and M. Of unisex design, these pants are suitable for both men and women.

Technical style and great versatility with the "Shunsui" Techwear cargo pants

With its military style, there is no doubt that these pants have a style that will please you and fuel your attractiveness. But, it's also very creative with features not found in all pants on the market. Best of all, its versatility is a great asset. Its jogging style allows you to wear it to the gym, to go to a nightclub or even for a walk. It has a great comfort which is due to the cotton that is its design material. It is also available in polyester.

How to take care of the "Shunsui" Techwear cargo pants ?

You should wash it with soap and water. To avoid creasing or dyeing, you should avoid rubbing it too much and leaving it in the sun for too long.


  • Techwear cargo pants 
  • Cotton/Polyester

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