Top Techwear Brands to Look Out

black man wearing a techwear jacket


Techwear is a fashion that is ever so dynamic and needs you to be on top of it, hence looking out for the best brands that are currently setting the pace as well as changing the industry.

In 2024, these are some of tech wear companies to keep an eye on due to their unique styles and innovations.


Acronym techwear brand

They are always among the leaders in techwear for consistent fashion blending cutting edge designs with high-performance materials. Positioned as one of Germany’s major urban brands, it was created by Errolson Hugh and Michaela Sachenbacher and makes simple but useful clothes.

Moreover, this German company keeps producing practical urban clothing line which combines style innovation; among them there is J1-A GT jacket known to serve several purposes such as being weatherproof in any climatic conditions and P10A-CH pants being very fashionable but still having excellent workmanship as well as remarkable technical features compared to others.

These examples can prove that acronym goes beyond what normal fashion garments could do since they are perfectly thought through ideas which made them leading globally because they represent every aspect of building technical apparel.

Nike ACG

Nike ACG

Since its launch in early nineties, it has been regarded as something for outdoor enthusiasts as well as city dwellers similar.

Nike All Conditions Gear (ACG) therefore borrows from Nike’s background sportswear heritage producing range of clothes plus shoes mainly meant for functionality but stylish enough even during outdoor engagements.

Furthermore, Nike ACG transformed itself without losing its outdoorsy roots through partnerships like Matthew M. Williams did it together with A-COLD-WALL*.Last time upon rebranding – That sounds like just yesterday when this brand has changed completely outwardly but remained true to adventure stuff – this led up not only to cooperation between famous designers namely Matthew M. Williams or A-COLD-WALL*. Nevertheless, Nike ACG as the leader in techwear is dedicated to improving both performance and fashion.

Guerrilla Group

Guerrilla Group

Although it may be new in techwear, Guerrilla Group has managed to establish its signature through their creatively futuristic designs that are mind-boggling when put into detail.

Founded in Hong Kong back in 2013, this brand combines aspects of military and urban cultures thus resulting in a blend of rough and modern aesthetics; its technical fabrics are very hardy hence they can even be worn during the worst climatic conditions while their tactical gadgets indicate a focus on quality products with innovative designs.

It’s an unconventional brand sticking to high standards, breaking away from traditional rules of fashion by going beyond imagination into creative thoughts about future fashion trends.



With its revolutionary fabrics and cutting-edge design principles, Vollebak has distinguished itself from others. The British brand’s pioneering use of technology in the creation of clothes that marry form with function, for instance t-shirts powered by sunlight or graphene coats known for their remarkable strength and resilience has made this brand popular due to its ability to redefine the boundaries.

This is a company that is always three steps ahead when it comes to developments offering wearables that have never been seen anywhere before thus changing people’s perception about sustainable fashion



Satisfy is a technological clothing brand in Paris whose recently clean yet highly functional designs have attracted much attention. It was created by Brice Partouche an American artist and designer seeking the combination of style and sportswear.

Few labels understand minimalism better than 4Dimensional®, which ensures high functionality with very little used. The Japanese label is all about blending into the cityscape without sacrificing on ergonomics. The reason behind their stylish yet functional pants being a blend of fashion and function.

Well-designed pants made in this way have seen 4DIMENSION® attract various smart-clothing technology enthusiasts. It would be delighted to look at what the future holds for such brands as it silently revolutionizes fashion by paying attention to small things.

Stone Island Shadow Project

Stone Island

This project refers to different fabric treatments, garment dyeing techniques etc., according to fashion insiders – Stone Island Shadow Project – another product of Italian brand Stone Island. Errolson Hugh, previously with Acronym, is one such progressive designer that drives this movement where fashion meets technology. It means they want practicality + aesthetics for menswear now. In other words; where style meets function.

Today’s man defined. A technicality leader; hence stone island shadow project will always remain above time as far as techwear revolution keeps challenging contemporary fashion every next time.

Riot Division

Riot Division - techwear brand

Riot Division designers are brothers Vladimir Nikolaenko and Vitaliy Nikolaenko from Ukraine who are always opposed to conventional fashion thinking. Nowadays clothing manufacturers like Riot Division prefer military aesthetics than casual lifestyle while designing their products.

Of course, there cannot be any room for withdrawal from normative thinking until accessories strangle you. Riot Division will go beyond these limits during the period between 2020-2024.Riot will break down walls through innovations in clothes manufacturing expected from them until 2024.



Since 2008, Outlier has been a staple of the New York City and American techwear scene with its minimalist design and innovative materials. It is based in Brooklyn, New York City and was founded in 2008 as a company involved in the manufacture of fashionable functional garments. Outliers focus on quality and innovation; ranging from technical pants for urban commuters to weatherproof outerwear for outdoor adventures.

One such brand till now for example, whose iconic products have been embraced by users of techwear living in urban areas, admirers of nature as well as followers of fashion. Outlier aims at creating wearables that reflect their philosophy through its continuous pushing boundaries.



Five years ago, Samuel Ross launched his British streetwear/tech apparel brand A-Cold-Wall*.

The blend of industrial aesthetics and high fashion shows how societal issues are related to sartorial design. Here, it is not about production of clothes but more about those collabs with large companies including Nike or Oakley.

That is the reason why there is an expansion on the list of partners each season; hence making collections become recent art exhibitions on women’s couture designs. This year alone, we saw such a h2 player in the fashion industry for 2024 where art meets fashion that goes by the name Extreme Pushing Limits.

Final Verdict

Generally speaking, technology has been at the forefront of expanding this industry creating room for newbies and existing players alike to innovate into something else. The period after 2024 will be thrilling since there will be many things such as Acronym’s minimalistic functionality among others. Guerrilla Group’s Experimentalism. As far as innovations go, Guerilla Group still stays ahead of time while Acronym continues impacting fashion through its innovative style.