"Yoru" Sling Bag

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The amazing "Yoru" Sling Bag

"Yoru" Sling Bag
"Yoru" Sling Bag

The "Yoru" Sling Bag is a perfect techwear accessorie for a smooth trip. Are you still looking for a travel bag for your trips? If so, then we have found exactly what you need. There was no doubt that you will be traveling without any worries by opting for a rather unique product. There is no shortage of travel bags on the market. But, it is better to make a choice that is out of the ordinary. Before you buy, we invite you to take a look at this magnificent product.

Description of this Sling bag

The "Yoru" Sling Bag is a very lightweight shoulder bag capable of holding your belongings while traveling. From now on, you don't have to worry about the perfect bag to store your belongings in. No matter what kind of trip you take, you'll have the privilege of enjoying a very impressive technical style. It is made in techwear mode, which has a great positive influence on its style. On the other hand, it is also possible to notice the presence of hip-pop, another style that has been growing in popularity for decades. It is possible to find this bag in several colors, including black and white.

Creativity, style and originality with the "Yoru" Sling bag

The "Yoru" Sling Bag has a few things you don't see in every bag in its class. First, it is a very stylish option that allows you to stand out from the crowd during your outings. On the other hand, its originality is also a special reason to choose it. In terms of creativity, you can also count on such a wonder. It has 26 centimeters in height, 35 centimeters in width and 12 centimeters in depth, so it's big enough to hold a lot of stuff. You can have it in different materials including cotton and polyester, two very comfortable choices.

When to wear the "Yoru" Sling Bag?

Travelers will be much happier and more comfortable by choosing this bag. For outings in nature, especially picnics, you will have a place to store your things.


  • Cotton / Polyester

Dimensions :

  • Height : 26 cm
  • Width : 35 cm
  • Depth : 12 cm

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