Chest Bag "Dordo"

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Style and originality with the Chest Bag "Dordo"

With all its creativity, the Chest Bag "Dordo" has something to offer you during your next outing. You have long wanted to have a storage bag for your outing occasions. Now you have a masterpiece that offers you great satisfaction. For the most stylish fashion accessories, it is much harder to find them in the market. But, now you have a unique opportunity not to be missed to feed your style when you go out of your home. Before you decide, it would be important to get to know this product.


The Chest Bag "Dordo" is a very compact military design bag with a great originality. It's a bit of an unusual choice, as it has such a look that you won't find in any bag of this nature. It is made in pure black color, a proof of its style. It has two small pockets in which it is very easy to store items. On the other hand, it has a larger door with a closure for your larger items. It's a chest bag that you only need to hang around your neck and it's done. Its streetwear design is undoubtedly a reason for its great popularity. On the other hand, the hip-pop style can be seen in it, so it is synonymous with great elegance. You can choose between black and grey color.

A unique exit option with the Chest Bag "Dordo

With the Chest Bag "Dordo", you can easily stand out, when you go out. It has a perfect style and such perfection that you will have no trouble making yourself look more attractive. It is very light, but also very compact. Its comfort is ensured by a material that no one disputes anymore in terms of ergonomics. It is polyester.

How to wash the Chest Bag "Dordo"?

You don't have to worry about maintaining the Chest Bag "Dordo". You only need simple water and a cloth to clean it. However, do not expose it to the sun as this may fade its color.


  • Chest Bag
  • Polyester

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