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An exceptional techwear style with the Chest Bag "Gilga"

The "Gilga" Chest Bag is the perfect outing bag for casual style on your walks. Do you like to keep it simple when you go out? If so, then this is a stylish accessory that reflects your image. You don't need to carry a lot of stuff for a great outing. There's no need to try to clutter up your look. On the other hand, you don't need to go on an accessory hunt to look more stylish. You just need to find the right one and this product is just what you need. We invite you to get to know it before you buy.


The "Gilga" Chest Bag is a stylish military design bag that is meant to be worn around the neck. It is therefore a chest bag capable of offering great elegance to its wearer. It is made in pure black color, a sign of style for whoever wears it. Its popularity is also due to its realization in streetwear fashion, a fashion that is growing in the world. We can also notice the presence of hip-pop, what shows you much more relaxed during your outings. To diversify the tastes, there are several colors including black of course, the gray color, but also the beige color. This choice is unisex, therefore suitable for both men and women.

Originality with the Chest Bag "Gilga

This bag is original because of the level of style it offers. Going out in a casual way is one of the best ways to feel more liberated when you leave your house. Also, this product has the particularity of offering a plus to your clothing fashion. It has 33 centimeters in length and 21 centimeters in width and could even be adjusted at will. This chest bag has a soft system, a particularity of the Nato forces. Its comfort is guaranteed by the nylon, a material whose ergonomics is not subject to any debate.

The best occasions to wear the Chest Bag "Gilga

It would be perfect to wear the Chest Bag "Gilga" during your outings. Why not in a nightclub or even on a walk alone or with friends for example.


  • Chest Bag
  • Nylon
  • MOLLE system

Dimensions :

  • Length : 33 cm
  • Width : 21 cm

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