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Originality and style with the chest bag "Ryuken"

The Chest Bag "Ryuken" Reflektiv invites itself in your business with all its originality and all its creativity. When going out, it is important to have a place to store your small items. It would be a mistake to rely on your pockets, since the risk of loss is too great. On the other hand, you don't have to carry a bag on your back, which could be a little embarrassing. It's better to have a smaller bag that can serve you than a large style. This product fits the bill well for that ideal outing accessory.


The Reflektiv "Ryuken" Chest Bag is a chest bag with great simplicity for the wearer. For your next outings, it is the ideal product to have on you. This explains its great popularity on the market, as it is already very popular with fashion lovers. It is a very compact bag made in black color with many pockets and closures in white color. It is designed in streetwear mode, which largely justifies its great style. Also, its design is also inspired by hip-pop, another popular fashion for decades. It is a product that you will have no trouble wearing, as it is light and very simple. It is a unisex option, so it can be used by both men and women.

Originality and creativity with the Chest Bag "Ryuken" Reflektiv

Be more creative while putting your feet out, by choosing the Chest Bag "Ryuken" Reflektiv. It is meant to be hung around the neck and lowered onto the chest, giving you a great style. Moreover, you have the choice of the color, since you can have it in black color, as well as in gray color. It is made of oxford fabric, a proof of its great comfort. Even better, you have the possibility to adjust its size, according to yours.

When to wear the Chest Bag "Ryuken" Reflektiv?

There are plenty of occasions when you can wear the Reflektiv Chest Bag "Ryuken". For example, you can wear it when you go to a nightclub. Better yet, you can wear it while you're out and about, so you'll have a place to store it within reach.


  • Chest Bag
  • Oxford fabric

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