Cyberpunk Mask "Itami"

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Face the Future with "Itami" - Your Cyberpunk Alter Ego

Forge Your Path

Hey, you. Yeah, you. Ready to ditch the mundane? The "Itami" mask isn’t just gear, it’s your ticket to an alt reality. Picture it: you, this mask, and an electric night painted with possibilities. This piece isn’t just armor; it’s a declaration, a challenge to the world that screams, "I am here."

Designed for the Daring

Comfort’s a given, but with "Itami", we’ve dialed it up. The contours fit like a dream, no pinching, no slipping – just you becoming one with this masterpiece. And those vents? They’re your stealthy breathers, whisper-quiet, keeping you cool as you prowl the streets.

Aesthetic with Attitude

It's all matte black mystery with a design so sharp, you could cut tension with it. The angular visor gives you that enigmatic edge, while the tubes add that touch of industrial chic. It’s not just a look; it’s a vibe, a mood, an aura that you carry.

Thirsty for more? We’ve got the juice. Check out our stash of cyberpunk face armor where each mask tells a tale. Dive in; find the one that whispers your name.

Unleash Your Inner Maverick

"Itami" isn’t just about transforming your face; it’s about transforming your essence. Wear it and walk with the swagger of someone who owns their shadows and their light. It’s not just gear; it’s the sidekick to your superhero, the yin to your yang, the beat to your street.


This cyberpunk mask has passed the CE, EN 71, and ANSI Z80.3-2018 drop ball tests. It can withstand impacts of up to 500 FPS at temperatures ranging from -10 to 42 degrees.

You can wear it with glasses, and it comes with an anti-fog cloth inside. Just wipe the lens inside and outside before use. It's reusable and provides effective anti-fog protection.

  • Cyberpunk Mask
  • Nylon
  • Weight: 281g
  • Size: 18x18.2cm

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