Cyberpunk Pants "Yokkai"

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* Cyberpunk Pants "Yokkai" are in Asian size: Take one size bigger than your usual size.

Embark on an Odyssey with "Cyberpunk Pants Yokkai"

Cyberpunk Pants "Yokkai" back and face

Prepare for a journey into the heart of cyberpunk culture with the Cyberpunk Pants "Yokkai". These pants are not just an article of clothing—they are your ally in the urban landscape, a tool that combines the essence of the underground with a commitment to functionality.

Size guide

  • Terry: Height 178 cm, Weight 65 kg, Size M
  • Luc: Height 180 cm, Weight 75 kg, Size L

Rugged Elegance, Reimagined

some parts of Cyberpunk Pants "Yokkai"

Constructed to endure the demands of a restless city, the "Yokkai" offers robust materials and tactical adaptability. With its adjustable drawstrings and reinforced seams, you're promised both comfort and durability. These pants are a canvas of innovation, reflecting the ingenuity of the wearer.

Style That Speaks Volumes

When paired with a weathered cyberpunk jacket, the "Yokkai" pants create a visual dialogue between form and function. The incorporation of techwear accessories like gloves and a camera strap exemplifies a lifestyle—one that values practicality without sacrificing identity.

For those hungry for more, our collection offers a variety of Cyberpunk Pants that cater to every contour of the cyberpunk ethos. To find the perfect match for your urban adventures, visit our online haven of cyberpunk pants.

Don the "Yokkai" and become an embodiment of the city's spirit—where every thread is interwoven with stories yet to be told. These pants aren't just made to be seen; they're crafted to be experienced.


  • Cyberpunk Pants
  • Material : Polyester, Cotton

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