"Guruma" Techwear Hoodie

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"Guruma" Hoodie - A great streetwear x techwear combination

Don’t you want to look BOLD and EXCITING when people see you? No other hoodie on the market today stands out like the Guruma. Bold, beautiful, stylish, comfortable. What else could you ask for? This hoodie makes a STATEMENT. This hoodie is an amazing combination of streetwear and TECHWEAR. Be a leader in one of the biggest fashion trends in the world, a great way to start is the Guruma hoodie! The bold and exciting wash colour design and unique trendy fit makes you stand out from the crowd and look amazing.

Incredible style with the "Guruma" Techwear Hoodie

No other hoodie matches the fit of the Guruma, it truly feels amazing to wear. The baggy style makes for incredible comfort while still having the cuffs around the wrists hug your arms making it feel sleek and aerodynamic. You can truly wear this hoodie anywhere and be comfortable for hours and hours. What other hoodie offers the same fashionable, trendy look with the maximum amount of comfort? Only the Guruma!

The Guruma comes equipped with a sleek and discreet front pocket so you never have to worry about how you’re going to take the things you need with you. Hard to imagine a hoodie with so many benefits! Extremely trendy style, bold and impressive looks, and a functional design for everyday wearing. Among all these benefits the Guruma hoodie is also extremely durable and made from the best fabrics available. It won’t shrink when you wash it or stretch over time. The Guruma hoodie can truly last you a lifetime!


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  • Cotton

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