"Hinagi" Techwear cargo pants

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"Hinagi" cargo pants - For an authentic techwear style

"Hinagi" Techwear cargo pants front and back

Choose creativity by choosing the "Hinagi" Techwear cargo pants. Are you looking for creativity in the way you dress? If so, then you don't need to go far, as it is right at your fingertips. In fact, fashion has undergone a great evolution over time.

It is no longer a question of dressing simply, but of standing out from the crowd with a creative work. But, how can you do that if you always use the same clothing styles as everyone else? Here, discover what will allow you to distinguish yourself from now on in your clothing.

Size Guide (cm)

Size Waist Hip  Thigh  Length  Leg Opening
S 80 113 71 95 26.5
M 84 117 75 97 27.5
L 88 121 79 99 28.5
XL 92 125 83 101 29.5

Size Guide (inches)

Size Waist (in) Hip (in) Thigh (in) Length (in) Leg Opening (in)
S 31.50 44.49 27.95 37.40 10.43
M 33.07 46.06 29.53 38.19 10.83
L 34.65 47.64 31.10 38.98 11.22
XL 36.22 49.21 32.68 39.76 11.61

Description of these techwear pants

The "Hinagi" Techwear cargo pants are a military inspired type of pants that have everything to offer you. Are you wondering how to improve your outfit and customize it? The current fashion lovers will tell you to bet on this type of pants. It is made entirely of pure black color, which gives it a great style.

Equipped with a multitude of pockets on its sides, it has everything you need to ensure your style change. To keep everyone happy, its designers made it in several sizes. You will have the choice between size XL, M, S and even L. Whether it is for your outings or your walks, you will not be disappointed.

Creativity with the "Hinagi" Techwear cargo pants

Get creative now with this inspiring fashion. Now you have the choice of clothing style in your hands. It features 3M Scotchguard waterproof technology.

Best of all, its strap is made entirely of nylon, which makes it highly elastic. When it comes to comfort, there's nothing to complain about because of its polyester design. It is a material whose comfort is not subject to any debate.

Which suit for the 3M Scotchguard Waterproof Technology ?

To have a better style, you will have to bet on the combination with these pants. With its pure black color, any other light color would suit it perfectly. You can bet on blue, green, white, gray and many others.


  • Techwear cargo pants 
  • Polyester
  • 3M Scotchguard™ Waterproof Technology
  • Nylon strap

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