"Jidan" Oversized T-Shirt

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Outstanding style with the "Jidan" Oversized T-Shirt

If you're a t-shirt fan, opt for the "Jidan" oversized t-shirt to expand your collection and vary your style a bit. This loose shirt is different from the tight t-shirts in your closet. If you buy it, you will be able to adopt a completely casual style, like the rappers of the 90s. Discover this shirt through this document. If you're interested, find out how to place your order.

Description of this oversized t-shirt

The "Jidan" oversized t-shirt is a loose-fitting, print-style t-shirt made for streetwear. It is made entirely from cotton, which makes it a durable t-shirt. The garment has a straight cut, wide and short sleeves and a round and tight collar. These different features make this shirt a pleasant garment to wear.

The "Jidan" oversized t-shirt is available in two colors to choose from. You can have it in white or black. On the print side, you can see an electronic circuit on the whole central surface of the garment on the front. You can also see other images and characters engraved like HEATHANS. On the back of the garment, just below the collar, you can also read the inscription RADIOACTIVE, and danger signs.

For what occasion to wear your t-shirt ?

You can wear the oversized "Jidan" t-shirt for your outings, but also to any event. If there is no dressing code at work, you can even wear it to work. In fact, unlike other streetwear shirts that can be quite extravagant, both in the cut and in the prints, this one is very simple.

If you like the streetwear side of the "Jidan" oversized t-shirt, you can bring it out by pairing it with other clothes. Find a good pair of cargo pants, a bob hat and high shoes.

How to order your garment ?

If you definitely want to take this garment, just start your order online. However, it is essential to choose the right size of your "Jidan" oversized t-shirt. This choice must be made taking into account the size chart, since this t-shirt is presented in Asian size. When you have your order delivered, you have the possibility to return it and get a refund if it does not correspond to your choice.


  • Oversized T-shirt
  • 100% coton

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