"Jirobo" Techwear gloves

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The amazing "Jirobo" Techwear gloves

"Jirobo" Techwear gloves


Give yourself more protection with the "Jirobo" Techwear Gloves. Are you a motorcycle enthusiast and want to protect your hands more? If so, then this is the product for you. You've always wanted a glove that was tough enough and able to separate your hands from your handlebars, while still offering great comfort. But, that's a bit of a tough choice considering the many options available to you. With this option, you'll have plenty to choose from. Before you buy, a quick tour of the product would be a great idea.

Description of theses techwear gloves

The "Jirobo" Techwear Gloves is a military style protective glove with great resistance. Now you have something to protect your hands during your long motorcycle rides. This product is already very popular with the public who are always interested in new fashion. It is made of a pure black color, which will give you more charm. Its streetwear design is undoubtedly one of the reasons for the great craze that is observed around. It also features hip-pop, a trend that has been around for many years, but is still famous. It comes in several sizes including XL, M, S and L.

Originality and style with the "Jirobo" Techwear Gloves

The "Jirobo" Techwear Gloves are not only stylish, but also original. It is a glove with a unique design and capable of making you more attractive. Moreover, it is made of metacarpal reinforcement, which offers you more protection. Its great resistance is proved by its large cuff tightening with hook and loop tape. It is also a very comfortable product because of its design in very recognized materials. It is both microfiber and rubber, two materials whose ergonomics are confirmed. This product is suitable for both men and women.

When to wear the "Jirobo" Techwear Gloves?

You can wear the "Jirobo" Techwear Gloves during your rides. The best time to put it on is when you want to ride your motorcycle.


  • Techwear gloves
  • Metacarpal reinforcement : Yes (rubber)
  • Cuff tightening : Self-gripping tape
  • Material : Microfiber, rubber

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