"Korono" Oversized T-Shirt

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"Korono" Oversized T-Shirt

"Korono" Oversized T-Shirt

Dressing well is one thing, having the perfect outfit is another. If you're looking for fashionable t-shirts to change your wardrobe, the solution is close at hand. "Korono" Oversized T-Shirt from TECHWEAR STORM™ is a garment with unique features that will give you style and originality no matter how it is worn. Here is a brief description of this collection of T-shirts that will certainly make you love the garment.

Description of this Oversized T-Shirt

As its name suggests, "Korono" Oversized T-Shirt is a garment that is usually worn in large size. In fact, if you are a size M, it is advisable that you choose the size L or XL. Far from looking weird, this is the concept of this outfit. Moreover, this type of style is already adopted by many music, soccer and fashion stars. It is a kind of nod to the old American hip-hop concept. "Korono" Oversized T-Shirt carries beautiful decorations on its front. The garment is available in two different colors that are white and black. Another very attractive feature on this garment is that it is designed exclusively from cotton. A comfortable material on the body.

The particularity of the "Korono" Oversized T-Shirt

Sure the garment is designed to be worn oversized, but you can decide to run a special order if you want to have it in regular size. To do so, simply go to the TECHWEAR STORM™ Collection online store and fill in your height and weight to have a custom "Korono" t-shirt made for you. In addition, the design on the chest of the suit allows you to be noticed even from afar.

How to wear your "Korono" oversized T-Shirt

For a streetwear style, you can wear your t-shirt with a pair of jean pants, a crepe shoe and the whole thing topped with a cap or a beanie. If you are muscular, you can make two pleats on each sleeve of your "Korono" Oversized T-Shirt before wearing it. This style allows you to show off your muscularity. As far as color combinations are concerned, white and black are compatible with almost any other color. So you have several options to make your makeover with the "Korono" Oversized T-Shirt.


  • Oversized T-shirt
  • 100% coton

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