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* "Kotetsu" Hoodie is in Asian size: Take one size bigger than your usual size.

"Kotetsu" Hoodie beige
"Kotetsu" Hoodie black
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"Kotetsu" Hoodie - the best of Asian streetwear

In recent years, the wearing of hoodies is no longer a matter of freshness. This type of clothing has now outgrown its usual use. You can see them all over the world, regardless of the season. There is only one word to describe this phenomenon, and that is fashion. Speaking of sweater fashion, the TECHWEAR STORM™ "Kotetsu" Hoodie has become a benchmark in the field. Here is a presentation of this beautiful sweater that is sure to seduce you.

Description of this hoodie 

"Kotetsu" Hoodie is a cotton sweater that is available on the market in four different colors: Belgian, white, black and yellow. According to your preferences, you are free to make a choice. Regarding the size, "Kotetsu" Hoodie is available in four different sizes which are: S; M; L and XL. The sweater has Chinese characters written on it which represents the mark of originality and difference.

The garment also has a large front pocket with double entry. So you can put your two hands in it in case of intense coolness. This pocket can also be used to keep or hide objects of a reasonable size. Another interesting feature with "Kotetsu" Hoodie from TECHWEAR STORM™ is the hood. In fact, the pullover is equipped with a hat with very attractive laces. The hat is put on to protect you from snowflakes, surprise rains and many other bad weather.

"Kotetsu" Hoodie, the mark of originality and creativity

It is a garment that makes the difference in the market first of all by the innovation and quality of materials of manufacture. It differs from all the other garments of the same kind with its eye-catching appearance already from tens of meters. If you like Asia and its culture, this is the accessory you need. Moreover, it's an outfit that you can wear for a long time thanks to the quality of the material. So it's a very interesting investment.

"Kotetsu" Hoodie for innovative clothing style

The first thing you need to know is that you can manipulate the shape of the hood to your liking using the laces. For a streetwear style, you can put a cap under the hood of your sweater. Then you combine it with techwear hinagi cargo pants and a crepe shoe. It is important to note that "Kotetsu" Hoodie is a garment that can be worn anywhere and by people of any age and gender.


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