"Kotetsu" Hoodie with horns

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Unleash Your Bold Style with the "Kotetsu" Techwear Hoodie

The "Kotetsu" Hoodie features unique, detachable demon horns, allowing for versatile styling. You can choose to attach the horns for a bold, edgy look or remove them for a more understated, sleek appearance, offering flexibility in how you express your style.

"Kotetsu" Hoodie with horns

Size Guide (cm)

Size Shoulder (cm) Chest (cm) Sleeve (cm) Length (cm)
M 57 128 60.5 74
L 58 132 61.5 76
XL 59.5 136 62.5 78

Size Guide (inches)

Size Shoulder (in) Chest (in) Sleeve (in) Length (in)
M 22.44 50.39 23.82 29.13
L 22.83 51.97 24.21 29.92
XL 23.43 53.54 24.61 30.71
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Step into a world where fashion meets audacity with the "Kotetsu" techwear Hoodie. Designed for the bold and the brave, this techwear hoodie fuses aggressive aesthetics with cutting-edge design to offer an unparalleled fashion experience.

Avant-Garde Design: Dare to Defy

Embodying the spirit of nonconformity, the "Kotetsu" Hoodie features a striking black hue complemented by its most distinct feature: detachable demon horns. This piece is a tribute to avant-garde fashion, offering an edgy look that's perfect for both neon-lit parties and the mystique of rain-soaked streets.

Customizable Style: Dual Fashion Persona

"Kotetsu" Hoodie with horns

The hoodie’s unique design allows you to customize your look. Wear it with the demon horns for a bold statement, or transform it into a sleek sleeveless jacket for a more understated yet stylish vibe. Its versatility offers you two distinct styles in one garment.

Mystery and Comfort: Oversized for Enigma

With an oversized fit, the "Kotetsu" Hoodie wraps you in a cloak of mystery. It’s not just a fashion statement; it’s an embodiment of an enigmatic aura that captures attention while preserving your mystique.

Unconventional Influence: Japanese Streetwear Meets Dark Wear

Inspired by Japanese streetwear and dark wear trends, this hoodie is more than just clothing - it's an attitude. Whether seeking solitude or the spotlight, the "Kotetsu" Hoodie adapts to your social needs with its aggressive yet intriguing demeanor.

Technical Excellence: Designed for Durability and Comfort

"Kotetsu" Hoodie with horns

Made from high-quality materials, the hoodie is durable, flexible, and lightweight, ensuring both comfort and mobility. It’s a perfect blend of style and functionality, offering protection from the elements while completing your techwear ensemble.

Embrace the unique blend of aggression and style with the "Kotetsu" Hoodie. It’s not just clothing; it’s a statement for those who dare to be different. Order now and make your mark in the world of techwear fashion.

In recent years, the wearing of hoodies is no longer a matter of freshness. This type of clothing has now outgrown its usual use. You can see them all over the world, regardless of the season. There is only one word to describe this phenomenon, and that is fashion. Speaking of sweater fashion, the TECHWEAR STORM™ "Kotetsu" Hoodie has become a benchmark in the field. Here is a presentation of this beautiful sweater that is sure to seduce you.


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