"Maeda" Oversized T-Shirt

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Outstanding style with the "Maeda" Oversized T-Shirt

"Maeda" Oversized T-Shirt
"Maeda" Oversized T-Shirt
"Maeda" Oversized T-Shirt

Streetwear like the "Maeda" oversized t-shirt is all the rage right now. If you want to follow the trend and be trendy, you can afford it. It's very loose and will allow you to dress differently from now on. To give you an idea of this shirt, you can read this little description. You can also learn how to match it with your other clothes.

A t-shirt with unbeatable comfort

The "Maeda" oversized t-shirt is a garment of unparalleled comfort. For starters, it is made from cotton, a material that is very soft to the touch. The cut of the garment is also very loose. Its sleeves are also wide and drooping. The round neck of the shirt also has the particularity of being high. All these features make the "Maeda" oversized t-shirt a comfortable shirt, which allows a range of movement. It is an unmatched comfort that you will feel if you adopt this oversized shirt. To make it fit everyone, it is available in several sizes, M, X and XL. So whatever your body type, you'll have the one that suits you best.

A stylish t-shirt easy to combine

The "Maeda" oversized t-shirt is not only a comfortable garment. It is also remarkable. For starters, it's a print style. Right in the center front of my shirt, you can see a person with a hooded face showing his gold teeth. Underneath, you can read the inscription LAZY'STAR. So it makes you look cooler and hipper.

You can match your "Maeda" oversized t-shirt with many clothes in your wardrobe. For 100% streetwear, pair it with cargo pants and sneakers. You can also pair it with other pieces of clothing. Let your creativity do the talking. Make sure you choose the right color (white, black), considering the garment you are going to pair it with.

A unisex and timeless garment

These are also interesting features of the "Maeda" oversized t-shirt. It can be worn by women as well as men. To take it a step further, this shirt is timeless. You can wear it well in hot weather, loose, paired with shorts. When it's cold outside, you can wear it as a tracksuit, over a tight long-sleeved t-shirt.


  • Oversized T-shirt
  • 100% coton

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