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Level up your style with the "Mayuri" Oversized T-Shirt

If you are looking for a comfortable piece of clothing that is out of the ordinary, you can choose the Mayuri oversized t-shirt. This printed oversized t-shirt is a great choice of clothing for casual outings. If you match it with other clothes, you'll get a great look that will make your buddies jealous. To know what it looks like, discover it through this article.

Characteristics of this oversized t-shirt

The Mayuri oversized t-shirt is a stylish printed shirt made from 100% cotton. What makes this shirt different from the other shirts in your collection is its oversized style. So it's made to be worn very loose, quite off the body. The cut of the Mayuri oversized t-shirt is quite straight, with short and wide sleeves, as well as a tight round neck. It comes in four different sizes, M, L, XL and XXL. You can make your choice according to your body type and the desired effect. To give you more options to choose from, it also comes in three colors, white, black and brown.

A garment for all profiles

The Mayuri oversized t-shirt is the piece of clothing that must be in everyone's closet. In fact, it can be worn by men as well as the same. Also, the prints available on the front and back are not vulgar or fancy enough, so you can wear it no matter what age you are. The 100% cotton as a material also makes it an interesting shirt. So it is pleasant to wear, and it is safe for your health.

A garment for all seasons

You can wear the Mayuri oversized t-shirt in any season if you embrace it. In summer, you can wear it simple to escape the heat. Paired with shorts as a bottom piece and flip flops, it gives you a totally casual look. When it's cold, however, you can wear it over another shirt to keep warm. Cargo pants or jeans and closed-toe shoes can be used to complete the look.


  • Oversized T-shirt
  • 100% coton

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