Men's pants with straps "Yamada"

Size Guide
Asian size*
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* Pants "Yamada" are in Asian size: Take one size bigger than your usual size.

Men's pants with straps "Yamada"
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Size Guide (cm)

Taille Taille Largeur Taille Détendue Hanche Largeur Longueur du pantalon
S 62.0 80.0 102.0 96.0
M 66.0 84.0 106.0 97.0
L 70.0 88.0 110.0 98.0
XL 74.0 92.0 114.0 99.0
XXL 78.0 96.0 118.0 100.0

Size Guide (inches)

Size Waist Width Waist Relaxed Hip Width Pant Length
S 24.41 31.50 40.16 37.80
M 25.98 33.07 41.73 38.19
L 27.56 34.65 43.31 38.58
XL 29.13 36.22 44.88 38.98
XXL 30.71 37.80 46.46 39.37

Men's pants with straps "Yamada" - Style and originality

The "Yamada" Techwear cargo pants are making their way into your closet with a stylish look. You want to change your look completely and you are wondering what kind of pants would suit you best?

Here's the answer to your question. Now you have the perfect choice to change the way you perceive fashion. This is one of the most uplifting pieces lately and is already part of many people's wardrobe. Don't miss this opportunity and invite yourself in this movement.

Description of this cargo pants with straps

Yamada" Techwear cargo pants is a hip-pop style garment that is impressing more and more novelty enthusiasts. If you like to wear the latest trends, then you won't go far before being served.

These pants have everything you need to transform the world of your clothing style. It is made of a double color, including black in places finished with gray. It also has many small pockets for storage, just like the military uniforms.

There are only a few miniature markings, which gives you the opportunity to add your own personal touches. Also, you will find them in several sizes including XXL, S, M, XL and XL. You might as well say that you will find the perfect size. It's a great choice for your outings and walks.

Style and originality with the "Yamada" Techwear cargo pants

Choosing these cargo pants is a matter of good taste. It will give you a unique style to attract attention during your outings. It will be very easy for you to stand out from the others.

Better, it is a model of pants which is appropriate as well for the men as for the women. For a total satisfaction of the public, its designers have made it with cotton, proof of a great comfort. It also exists with polyester.

What about the maintenance of the men's pants with straps "Yamada" ?

You don't have to worry about taking care of these pants. You should prefer hand washing with soap to get them back to their original condition. For the choice, always choose a pants whose size is a little higher than yours.


  • Techwear cargo pants 
  • Cotton/Polyester

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