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Outstanding style with the "Momo" Oversized T-Shirt

Young people love to dress up in techwear these days, like the oversized "Momo" t-shirt. If you're young and haven't tried this style, maybe it's time to get into it. If you have already adopted it, then you can add this oversized shirt to your techwear collection. Before you place your order, here are the essentials about this unusual shirt.

Description of this oversized t-shirt

The "Momo" oversized t-shirt falls into the category of oversized printed t-shirts. It is made entirely from cotton. The sleeves of the shirt are short and its round neck is tightened at the neck. It is available in two colors, black and brown, all faded. The garment's print, located on the front, is full color. You can see a Bigfoot truck in a cemetery, with a skull and crossbones over it. You can also see the words GRAVE DIGGER and BLACK AIR RACING. If you're a fan of cross-country running, the Momo oversized t-shirt is just right for you. Available in sizes M, L, XL and XXL, you're sure to get the one that fits.

A timeless garment

Oversized t-shirts are known to be very comfortable to wear. So when you put it on, you will feel completely casual. What's interesting about these clothes, however, is that they can be worn in any season. When the weather is warm, you can wear your oversized Momo t-shirt with shorts for your outings. When the temperature drops, you can wear it over another long sleeve shirt. In this case, you can wear faded Jean pants and high pumps to fight the cold.

Delivery and return policy

If the "Momo" oversized t-shirt is right for you, don't hesitate to place your order online. When ordering, make sure you choose the right size, depending on the effect you want to achieve. The choice of color must also be well done. Once the order is placed, delivery will take place no matter where you live. If you are not satisfied with the article you receive, you have the possibility to return the article and get a refund.


  • Oversized T-shirt
  • 100% coton

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