Noragi Jacket "Rugaki"

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* "Rugaki" Noragi is in Asian size: Take one size bigger than your usual size.

Adopt a unique style with the Noragi Jacket "Rugaki" 

The Noragi Jacket "Rugaki"  invites itself in your closet to offer you all its originality. Have you noticed that it's getting harder and harder to find the perfect garment to wear when going out?

This is a constant that has been growing for some time due to the wide range of clothing choices on the market. But, there is still hope when it comes to fashion, when you see this beautiful outfit that has everything to please. Before you decide, we invite you to take a quick tour of this product.


Noragi "Rugaki" is a short-sleeved type garment whose style is very impressive. In fact, it is already popular in many parts of the world. So this will be a golden opportunity that you should not miss under any circumstances. It is made of two colors, blue separated from grey.

This mix gives it a certain originality that does not fail to impress a demanding public. It has many pockets of arrangements whose openings are ensured by a closing. One of the particularities of this type of clothing is its mixture of style.

Indeed, you can see the hip-pop style as well as the streetwear style. You will find several sizes including XXL, M, L and even XL.

Great creativity with Noragi Jacket "Rugaki" 

The great creativity of Noragi Jacket "Rugaki"  has something to impress anyone. Whether you are a fashion lover or not, you will have something to look forward to when you go out.

It is also a very comfortable choice because of its design material. Indeed, it is made of cotton, a material whose great comfort is no longer debated. But you can also find it in spandex, another very comfortable material to discover. Note that men and women can all wear this marvel.

For what occasion to wear this noragi jacket ?

There are many occasions when you can wear Noragi "Rugaki". For example, going to a nightclub is a great opportunity to wear it. It is also the same for walks and picnics.


  • Noragi Streetwear
  • Cotton / Spandex

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