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Outstanding style with the "Segawa" Oversized T-Shirt

The wearing of the t-shirt began in the 1910s during the First World War. At the time, the garment served as their uniform for the U.S. Army and was made of tailored wool. A few years later, the world experienced slim-fitting t-shirts that have had their day. Today, several brands offer T-shirts with lots of innovations, but in oversized style. Such is the case with the "Segawa" Oversized T-Shirt from TECHWEAR STORM™.

Description of this oversized t-shirt

"Segawa" Oversized T-Shirt from the TECHWEAR STORM™ collection is a t-shirt with a casual look. The garment is available is two different colors Black and White. This garment is designed in three different sizes which are: M, L, XL. To ensure the quality of the article, the developers have made it entirely of cotton as material. In addition, the armholes of the suit are relatively wide to promote your comfort, no matter your body type.

As for the design, "Segawa" Oversized T-Shirt has a vertical rectangle image on the front surface. The image is framed at the top by a japanese inscription and at the bottom by a message in English. In the lower right corner of this garment is positioned a small logo that brings a special aesthetic touch to the article.

"Segawa" Oversized T-Shirt, a garment that rhymes with style

The design of the garment is quite simple and attractive. If you are looking to stand out with your clothing, "Segawa" Oversized T-Shirt is probably what you need. The concept is very innovative, especially with the quality. Even better, the stitching style used on the armholes is remarkable from afar and very original.

How to wear the "Segawa" Oversized T-Shirt

There are a variety of clothing styles you can adopt with your "Segawa" Oversized T-Shirt. For a really casual look, you can wear your t-shirt under a jacket without a stitch. You can also wear your t-shirt over shorts in a color that is compatible with a crepe shoe. For this style, it is also recommended to wear socks of the same color as your "Segawa" Oversized T-Shirt. Already with these two looks you will definitely look stylish with this T-shirt from the TECHWEAR STORM™ collection. You'll be happy to wear it for your outings..


  • Oversized T-shirt
  • 100% coton

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