"Shinji" Techwear cargo pants

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An exceptional techwear style with the "Shinji" Cargo Pants

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"Shinji" Techwear cargo pants

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M 111 75 101
L 115 79 103
XL 115 83 105

The "Shinji" Techwear cargo pants are the best choice of clothing you need for your vacation. If you want to dress stylishly during your outings, you need to choose a pair of pants that will give you a unique style. It is not easy to find them, because there is a whole range of this clothing on the market. But now you don't have to worry about it, because this marvel meets all the requirements to satisfy you. Before proceeding to its acquisition, we propose you a small tour of the product to discover it in depth.

Description of this Techwear cargo pants

"Shinji" Techwear cargo pants

The "Shinji" Techwear cargo pants is a jogging pant that many people have been adopting for some time. Indeed, despite its recent appearance, this product has not been slow to impose itself in the fashion world. It is made with a pure black color and very dyed. It has many pockets on the sides, but also bands that make it even more impressive. It is even possible to do some customization work on this wonder. Also, this option is available in a multitude of sizes. These include size XL, size S, M and L. You can see some writing prints on its knees, which fuels its elegance. It is a choice that is suitable for all occasions of entertainment including outings and walks.

Style with the "Shinji" Techwear cargo pants

If you're looking for more style in your outings, then you don't have to go far. These pants might just do the trick. It has such splendor and style that you won't even believe it. It also has the advantage of being suitable for both men and women. Better still, it is a very comfortable piece of work, as it is made of cotton whose comfort is no longer a matter of debate. You will also find some in polyester for more comfort.

How to take care of the "Shinji" Techwear cargo pants ?

With the help of soap and water, you can already put your pants in good condition. Only, prefer a washing in May. On the other hand, it is not ideal to leave them too much in the sun. This could damage them, especially their dark black color.


  • Techwear cargo pants 
  • Cotton/Polyester

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