Sleeveless Modern Cloak "Yame"

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Modern Cloak "Yame": Redefining Urban Armor

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Forge a path through the urban jungle with the Modern Cloak "Yame", a revolutionary garment designed for those who blend the lines between fashion and function. This sleeveless cloak is crafted for the audacious spirit, embodying a blend of agility and style.

Size Guide (cm)

Size Shoulder (CM) Bust (CM) Sleeve (CM) Length (CM)
S 65 114 54 135
M 66 120 55 136
L 67 126 56 137
XL 68 132 57 138
2XL 69 138 58 139
3XL 70 144 59 140

Size Guide (inches)

Size Shoulder (in) Bust (in) Sleeve (in) Length (in)
S 25.59 44.88 21.26 53.15
M 25.98 47.24 21.65 53.54
L 26.38 49.61 22.05 53.94
XL 26.77 51.97 22.44 54.33
2XL 27.17 54.33 22.83 54.72
3XL 27.56 56.69 23.23 55.12

Unique Design for Optimal Movement

The "Yame" offers an unrestricted range of motion with its sleeveless design, making it perfect for the dynamic urbanite. Constructed from high-quality materials that resist wear and tear, this cloak provides durability while maintaining a lightweight profile. Its adjustable straps and open-front design allow for a custom fit, adaptable to any body size or shape.

Versatility in Style

This piece isn't just for show; it’s a functional part of any techwear enthusiast's wardrobe. Pair it with tight-fitting long sleeves or a rugged t-shirt during warmer days for a look that’s both practical and on-trend. The Yame is suited for various occasions, from streetwear scenes to more formal tech gatherings.

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  • Modern Cloak
  • Cotton / Polyester

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