Tactical Vest "Karawa"

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Discover the Tactical Vest "Karawa"

Step into the future of urban exploration with the Tactical Vest "Karawa." This top-tier techwear essential is designed not just for aesthetics but for active urbanites who prize efficiency and modularity. With its sleek black finish and versatile storage options, the "Karawa" vest is both a statement piece and a practical tool.

Design and Durability

Tactical Vest "Karawa" back and face

Constructed with a robust, tear-resistant fabric, the "Karawa" vest withstands the rigors of city life. It features streamlined storage solutions, including deep, secure pockets and integrated loops for attachments, making it the perfect companion for any tech-savvy individual on the go.

Seamless Integration

parts of the Tactical Vest "Karawa"
other parts of the Tactical Vest "Karawa"

The "Karawa" pairs flawlessly with any techwear or warcore ensemble, enhancing your look with its tactical yet stylish vibe. Its adjustable fittings and breathable material ensure that comfort never takes a back seat to style.

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Modular Customization at Its Finest Covered in MOLLE webbings, this vest lets you attach all sorts of gear just where you need it. Plus, it’s got hook-and-loop panels on the front and back, making it a cinch to add identifiers or your favorite morale patches.

Fits Just Right Worried about fit? Don’t be. This vest comfortably fits sizes S through XXL, thanks to an adjustable waist that stretches from 30 inches all the way to 60 inches (that's 76 cm to a whopping 152 cm). The shoulder and waist straps easily adjust with hook-and-loop fasteners, ensuring a snug fit for a variety of body types.

Comfort and Protection Rolled into One Imagine a vest that not only protects but also feels like you're wrapped in your favorite blanket. The thickened composite flannel lining does just that—providing effective protection while keeping things super comfy and breathable.

Durability Meets Lightweight Design Don’t let the toughness fool you; this vest is a featherweight champ. Crafted from durable 600D oxford fabric, it resists wear and tear without weighing you down.

Tailored for Adventure From cosplay to the firing range, and outdoor escapades to professional use, this vest is built to enhance your experience without getting in the way.

It's all packed and ready to go—weighing in at just 0.83 kg and neatly packaged at 42 x 32 x 15 cm.


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