Bomber Jacket Techwear "Tajima"

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Asian Size*
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* Bomber Jacket "Tajima" is in Asian size: Take one size bigger than your usual size.

Tactical Trendsetter: Bomber Jacket "Tajima"

face and back of Techwear Bomber Jacket "Tajima"

Ever feel like you want to conquer the world? Or at least look like you could? The Bomber Jacket "Tajima" is your partner in crime. This piece isn’t just about making a statement – it's about owning the space you walk in, with a confidence that's second to none.

Size Guide (cm)

Size Bust (cm) Shoulder (cm) Length (cm) Sleeve (cm)
M 110 47 64 65
L 114 49 66 66
XL 118 50 68 68
2XL 122 51 70 69
3XL 126 52 72 71
4XL 130 53 74 72

Size Guide (inches)

Size (in) Bust (in) Shoulder (in) Length (in) Sleeve (in)
M 43.31 18.50 25.20 25.59
L 44.88 19.29 25.98 25.98
XL 46.46 19.69 26.77 26.77
2XL 48.03 20.08 27.56 27.17
3XL 49.61 20.47 28.35 27.95
4XL 51.18 20.87 29.13 28.35

Stylish Utility, Unmatched Versatility

parts of the Techwear Bomber Jacket "Tajima"

The "Tajima" is decked out with pockets that are more than just a handy place to stash your gear – they're a stylish nod to the urban paratrooper aesthetic. Get ready to be the person who’s got it all together, in a jacket that keeps up with your pace.

Cool in the Chaos

some parts of Techwear Bomber Jacket "Tajima"

No matter how wild urban life gets, the "Tajima" has your back. Pair it with black cargos for a sleek, uninterrupted silhouette or slip a hoodie beneath for that extra layer of intrigue. With "Tajima," you're prepared for every twist and turn of city living.

More Than Just a Layer

a few parts of Techwear Bomber Jacket "Tajima"
Techwear Bomber Jacket "Tajima"

When you throw on the "Tajima," you're not just putting on a jacket – you're gearing up for adventure. It's a fusion of function and swag, for the go-getter who thrives on the hustle and looks good doing it. Zip up, strap in, and step out.

Dive Deeper into Techwear

other parts of Techwear Bomber Jacket "Tajima"

Can't get enough of this vibe? The "Tajima" is just the beginning. We've curated an epic collection for you to explore – so hit up our hub of techwear bomber jackets and keep your wardrobe as fierce as your spirit.


  • Bomber Jacket
  • Nylon/Polyester

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