Techwear Fingerless Gloves "Hitsuga"

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Level up your style with the Techwear Mittens "Hitsuga"

Techwear Mittens "Hitsuga"

Opt for more protection with the Mittens "Hitsuga" Techwear. Are you looking for stylish gloves that can offer you more safety while riding your motorcycle? If so, then this is the glove for you. This techwear accessory already has an undeniable place in our daily lives. You can find them in almost any store that sells them. But therein lies the problem, as it is not as easy to find a glove that offers style, safety and originality. Here is a product that is the exception to that rule.

Description of these Techwear Mittens

The Mittens Techwear "Hitsuga" is a stylish hand protection glove. This product is of military design, which justifies the great affluence that is observed on both sides for its choice. It is a choice full of creativity, but also of style for its wearer. It should be noted that it is made in pure black color, synonymous not only with class, but also with style. It is made in several colors, which allows you to find what goes with your hands. You can choose between size M, L and XL. It is very robust and very resistant, because it has a metacarpal reinforcement. Its great security is also ensured by its cuff tightening with hook and loop tape.

Style and originality with the Mittens "Hitsuga" Techwear

To have style during your outings, you can bet on the Techwear Mittens "Hitsuga". Besides, this product is also original, which allows you to stand out every time you go out. Note that it is a choice that is suitable for both men and women. This masterpiece is very comfortable because of the materials involved in its design. These are nylon, rubber and also microfiber.

Who can afford the Mittens "Hitsuga" Techwear?

As a general rule, anyone can afford the Mittens "Hitsuga" Techwear. However, it is worth noticing how common it is among motorcycle enthusiasts. If you like to drive, then this would be a protective option for your hands.


  • Techwear mittens
  • Metacarpal reinforcement : Yes
  • Cuff tightening : Self-gripping tape
  • Material : Nylon, microfiber, rubber

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