Black Techwear Jacket "Kino"

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The model is 177cm tall, weighs 66kg and wears a size L.

Meet the Kino Techwear Jacket: Your New City Essential

Techwear Jacket "kino"

Slide into the Kino Techwear Jacket and feel the city’s pulse sync with yours. It's not just any jacket—it's a piece of the urban landscape, crafted for those who command the concrete with confidence.

Size Guide (cm)

Size Bust (cm) Shoulder (cm) Length (cm) Sleeve (cm)
S 106 58 72 54
M 110 60 74 55
L 114 62 76 56
XL 118 64 78 57

Size Guide (inches)

Size (in) Bust (in) Shoulder (in) Length (in) Sleeve (in)
S 41.73 22.83 28.35 21.26
M 43.31 23.62 29.13 21.65
L 44.88 24.41 29.92 22.05
XL 46.46 25.20 30.71 22.44

Size Suggestion

Height (cm) Weight (kg) Size Suggestion
165-170 55-60 S
165-170 61-65 S/M
171-175 55-60 S/M
171-175 61-65 S/M
171-175 66-70 M
176-180 66-70 M/L
176-180 71-75 M/L
180-185 76-80 XL
180-185 81-85 XL
185-190 81-85 XXL

Tough Exterior, Comfort Core

Imagine a fortress you can wear: the Kino’s fabric is built to last, withstanding whatever the urban jungle throws at you. It's your personal shield in a sleek, street-smart package. The subtle black tone isn't just a color—it's an attitude, ready to blend in or stand out as you choose.

Practicality Packed with Style

Techwear Jacket "kino"

Function meets flair with intelligently designed pockets that hold your essentials right where you need them. The "Kino" Techwear Jacket is like the best support character in a game—always there, always ready, and makes you look good without stealing the spotlight.

The Kino Difference

Techwear Jacket "kino"

This jacket speaks in design details: adjustable cuffs that frames your look, and hardware that hints at high-tech without trying too hard. It's for those who know that the devil’s in the details, and in those details, the Kino excels.

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  • Techwear Jacket
  • Nylon/Spandex

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