Techwear Kimono "Toshio"

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Get to Know "Toshio" – Your Next Kimono Crush

Techwear Kimono "Toshio"

Hey, let's talk about shaking up your closet with something that screams 'you', but louder. Enter the Techwear Kimono "Toshio". This isn't your average piece; it's the twist in your style story that you didn't know you needed. Picture this: classic kimono vibes tangled up with a techwear twist. Yeah, it's as cool as it sounds.

Why It's More Than Just a Look

Techwear Kimono "Toshio"

The "Toshio" isn't just about turning heads (though, trust us, it'll do plenty of that). It's also about all those little details that make your day smoother. Waterproof? Check. Pockets where you actually need them? You bet. It's like your personal assistant in clothing form, ready to tackle the day with you.

The Craft Behind the Cool

Techwear Kimono "Toshio"

Let's geek out a bit on the quality, shall we? Crafted with materials that shrug off the rain and a design that gives you freedom to move, "Toshio" has got your back in more ways than one. And those pockets? They're not just thrown on there—they're strategically placed, because design should always have your back.

Flex It Your Way

Techwear Kimono "Toshio"

Here's the kicker—whether you're dressing up or down, "Toshio" slides right into your look. Cuff the sleeves, belt it tight, or let it hang loose; it's your call. It plays well with your fave jeans, those boots you love, or even some crisp sneakers. "Toshio" is your sartorial playground.

Techwear Kimono "Toshio"

Ready for More?

If "Toshio" has got you hyped for a wardrobe revolution, then you're in for a treat. Hit up our Techwear Kimono Series and let the good vibes roll. Each piece is a character, and trust me, you'll want to meet them all.


  • Techwear Kimono
  • Bust: 116 cm
  • Length: 79 cm
  • Shoulder: 54 cm
  • Sleeve: 52 cm
  • 56% Polyester / 44% Cotton

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