Techwear Pants "Fuki"

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The model is 177cm tall, weighs 66kg and wears a size L.

The Apex of Urban Style: "Fuki" Techwear Pants

Techwear Pants ’Fuki’

Techwear Pants ’Fuki’

Enter the domain of the street elite with the "Fuki" Techwear Pants. These pants are more than just attire; they're an upgrade to your urban adventures. Tailored for the trendsetters and pioneers, the Fuki silhouette redefines the boundaries of urban style and performance.

Tactical Elegance Redesigned

Techwear Pants ’Fuki’

Imagine apparel that moves with you, breathes with you, and steps up to the challenges of city life. The "Fuki" Techwear Pants encapsulate this vision with their highly flexible fabric, offering an unparalleled range of motion while maintaining an unyielding form. Streamlined pockets, subtle brand accents, and utility-focused detailing transform functionality into fashion.

Sleek Agility Meets Urban Durability

Techwear Pants ’Fuki’

As the pulse of the metropolis quickens, so must your readiness. With the "Fuki" Techwear Pants, responsiveness is woven into every thread. The adjustable drawstring ankles provide a snug fit for brisk movements, while the strategic placement of zippered compartments ensures your valuables stay close and secure.

These pants aren't just worn; they're wielded. They're a companion for those who sculpt their path through the urban landscape, who blend the artistry of movement with the canvas of the city.

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  • Techwear cargo pants 
  • Cotton/Spandex/Polyester

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