Techwear T-shirt "Mitoyo"

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* Techwear T-shirt "Mitoyo" is in Asian size: Take one size bigger than your usual size.

The "Mitoyo" Techwear Tee – Black, Bold, and Beyond

Size Guide (cm)

Size (cm) Bust Shoulder Length Sleeve
M 110 54 69 22
L 114 56 71 23
XL 118 57 73 24
2XL 122 58 75 25
3XL 126 59 77 26

Size Guide (inches)

Size (in) Bust Shoulder Length Sleeve
M 43.31 21.26 27.17 8.66
L 44.88 22.05 27.95 9.06
XL 46.46 22.44 28.74 9.45
2XL 48.03 22.83 29.53 9.84
3XL 49.61 23.23 30.31 10.24

Calling all style soldiers! It’s time to enlist the Techwear T-Shirt "Mitoyo" into your service. This tee isn’t just black; it’s a shadow in clothing form, accented with a tactical pocket square that’s all about business.

Understated Yet Overachieving

Ever dreamed of a tee that matches your inner nightcrawler? The Mitoyo’s made from a fabric that’s as dark as the deepest part of the night, but as light as dawn. It’s where the cool comfort of cotton meets the streetwise resilience of nylon.

Not Just a Pocket – A Statement

This shirt comes equipped with a pocket that’s not just sewing – it’s engineering. It’s the kind of detail that doesn’t just scream 'prepared'; it whispers 'innovation' in an oh-so-stylish way. This is where your tee stops being an afterthought and starts being the centerpiece.

From Shadows to Spotlights

The Mitoyo is begging to strut its stuff anywhere from shadowy alleyways to the full glare of the club lights. It’s a chameleon, ready to partner up with cargo pants or slide under a blazer without missing a beat. This tee doesn’t just join your wardrobe; it leads it.

Craving the depth of the Mitoyo? We’ve got a whole line-up of techwear t-shirts that will have you rethinking your fashion game. Each one’s waiting to redefine what it means to dress with intention.


  • Techwear T-shirt
  • Cotton/ Polyester

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