Techwear T-shirt "Umata"

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* Techwear T-shirt "Umata" is in Asian size: Take one size bigger than your usual size.

"Umata" Techwear Tee – Your New Daily Driver

Size Guide (cm)

Size (cm) Bust Shoulder Length Sleeve
M 110 54 69 22
L 114 56 71 23
XL 118 57 73 24
2XL 122 58 75 25
3XL 126 59 77 26

Size Guide (inches)

Size (in) Bust Shoulder Length Sleeve
M 43.31 21.26 27.17 8.66
L 44.88 22.05 27.95 9.06
XL 46.46 22.44 28.74 9.45
2XL 48.03 22.83 29.53 9.84
3XL 49.61 23.23 30.31 10.24

Hey, urban wanderers! Say hello to the Techwear T-Shirt "Umata". It’s the perfect mix of ninja vibes and city slickness, designed to keep you a step ahead in the concrete maze. That extra pocket isn't just for looks; it's practicality stitched right onto a super soft, black tee.

Smooth as Night, Sharp as Day

Techwear T-shirt "Umata"
Techwear T-shirt "Umata"

Donning the Umata is like slipping into a piece of the night itself – smooth, sleek, and every bit as adaptable. The cotton blend is just the right kind of breathable for those on the move, and that angular pocket – it's your new best friend for stashing your essentials.

Subtle but Statement-Making

Techwear T-shirt "Umata"

The Umata’s design speaks in hushed tones but makes a big impact. It's all in the cut – relaxed where you want it, fitted where it counts. The angular lines and the pocket placement are thoughtful touches that give this tee a unique character without shouting about it.

Pair with Anything Panache

Techwear T-shirt "Umata"

Ready to hit the streets? The Umata's your wingman. It's a natural with cargo pants or techwear trousers, but it doesn't shy away from a simple pair of denim. This tee is all about flexing your style effortlessly.

If the Umata's caught your eye, you're gonna love the full lineup. Swing by our collection of dope techwear t-shirts that redefine what streetwear can be. Each one’s a canvas for your personal style saga.


  • Techwear T-shirt
  • Cotton/ Nylon

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