Techwear T-shirt "Azawa"

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Techwear T-shirt "Azawa": Gear Up with Style

Check out the Techwear T-Shirt "Azawa" – it's the real MVP of your wardrobe. This isn't just another tee; it's a slice of the future wrapped in some seriously smart fabric. It's got that stealthy look nailed down while packing a punch of practicality. Perfect for those who like their fashion served with a side of edge.

Size Chart

Size Bust (cm) Length (cm) Shoulder (cm) Sleeve (cm)
M 126 77 55 24
L 130 79 55.5 25
XL 134 81 58 26

Size Recommendation 

Size Height Range  Weight Range
M 155-170cm 40-65kg
L 170-180cm 65-85kg
XL 180-195cm 85-100kg

Size Chart (inches)

Size Bust (in) Length (in) Shoulder (in) Sleeve (in)
M 49.6 30.3 21.7 9.4
L 51.2 31.1 21.9 9.8
XL 52.8 31.9 22.8 10.2

Size Recommendation (ft & lbs)

Size Height Range (ft) Weight Range (lbs)
M 5'1"-5'7" 88-143
L 5'7"-5'11" 143-187
XL 5'11"-6'5" 187-220

Techwear T - shirt ’Azawa’

Meet "Azawa": Not Your Average Techwear Tee

Ever wanted to wear a T-shirt that gets you? The Azawa's got your back, and front, and, well, it's got you all over. It's made of this nifty fabric that lets your skin breathe even when you're hustling through the city's mayhem. And the fit? Spot on. Not too snug, not too baggy. Just right.

Tough As Nails (But Way Smoother)

Think of it like your trusty sidekick – the Robin to your urban Batman. It can handle a drizzle or a full-blown downpour, and you'll still come out looking fresh. Plus, those pockets aren't just for show – they're a godsend for stashing your stuff.

Mix, Match, and Remix

Here's the kicker – it plays well with others. Throw it on with some cargo pants, and you've got a look that says, 'I'm ready for anything'. Want to dress it up? Tuck it under a slick jacket, and boom, you're turning heads. Black goes with everything, but the Azawa isn't just playing it safe; it's the canvas for you to paint your vibe on.

Dig the Azawa? There's more where that came from. Hit up our stash of kickass techwear tees. Each one's crafted to make a statement, just like you. Go on, give your style that extra oomph.


  • Techwear T-shirt
  • Cotton/ Polyester

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