Techwear Zip Hoodie "Tesra"

Size Guide
Asian size*
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* Hoodie "Tesra" is in Asian size: Take one size bigger than your usual size.

"Tesra" Zip Hoodie, to complete your techwear style

Techwear Zip Hoodie "Tesra"

Size Guide (cm)

Size Bust (cm) Length (cm)
M 130 71
L 134 72
XL 138 74

Size Guide (inches)

Size Bust (in) Length (in)
M 51.2 27.9
L 52.8 28.3
XL 54.3 29.1

Preferring "Tesra" Techwear Hoodie is a special choice for your closet. Would you like to have an individual way of dressing? Having a different look from others may be your best solution. If this is the case, start now by changing your old everyday clothes with new models.

If you want to know everything, clothes nowadays have undergone a great push. Nowadays, you have to dress up to be noticed. This article will give you the means to get noticed among a lot of people.

Originality and style of the Zip Hoodie "Tesra"

Techwear Hoodie "Tesra"

The "Tesra" Techwear Zip Hoodie is a sweater with a well-furnished hat to protect you from the cold. It brings elegance to the person who wears it. It is a model that is recognized all over the world. This sweater is suitable for any person of female or male gender. It has a street style.

It is hooded and gives enormous satisfaction to the wearer. There are several sizes. The European sizes S, M and L can be found in the stores. This product is also available online and can be received on order. The "Tesra" Techwear Zip Hoodie is made of cotton which increases its value.

There are also several shades of the product on the market. White, beige and black are the most common colors.

Creativity of the "Tesra" Zip Hoodie

To be more creative and have an individual style, you should prefer the clothes of inspiring fashions. And the cotton material design of this zip hoodie makes it durable. It is made for a significant durability over time.

In fact, these clothes are not designed to fade on the very first use. The wearer thus finds a certain comfort by virtue of the "Tesra" Techwear Hoodie.

How do I get the most out of the "Tesra" Techwear Zip Hoodie?

After you've packed your suitcase with this Techwear Hoodie sweaters, you'll need to know how to make combinations.

The outfit goes with many types of underwear. You have the choice to wear the hoodie over pants of any color you want. You can also wear it over multi-pocketed panties for more style.


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