"Urahara" Oversized T-Shirt

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"Urahara" T-Shirt - For an unique style

"Urahara" Oversized T-Shirt"Urahara" Oversized T-Shirt

If you like to go out in a casual way, something like the "Urahara" oversized t-shirt can work well for you. With a print style, this oversized t-shirt can help you achieve a streetwear look if you pair it properly with other pieces of clothing. We invite you to discover what it looks like. Then you can place your order if these features suit you.

Description of this oversized t-shirt

The "Urahara" oversized t-shirt is an oversized shirt that falls into the streetwear range. It has a round neck, which creates a choker effect when you wear it. Its sleeves are short and wide, as are the sleeves of oversized t-shirts. You'll find it on the market in two colors, white and black. Whether you opt for white or black, the color of the Urahara oversized t-shirt is not solid. There are abstract patterns in gray color all over the surface of the garment. Right in the center of the top front part of the garment, you can admire a butterfly print and another print in red just below it.

A comfortable t-shirt to wear

The "Urahara" oversized t-shirt is a comfortable garment to wear. The cotton used for its design makes it very pleasant to the touch. As with any other oversized shirt, it gives you complete freedom of movement. For the size of the garment, you can choose between three sizes, M, L and XL. So you can choose the right size depending on the effect you want to create.

A garment for a streetwear style

The Urahara oversized t-shirt is a t-shirt designed to be worn in streetwear mode. To create this style, you need to know what to wear with it. When you put it on, choose a pair of technwear pants, and the sneakers of your choice. You can wear it over another fitted shirt, whether it's sleeveless, short or long sleeved. If you want, you can also choose shorts, especially for summer outings. To complete the look, you can opt for a bobble hat or a cap with or without a peak. The combination possibilities are endless.


  • Oversized T-shirt
  • 100% coton

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