"Wicci" Chest Bag 3 pieces

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An authentic techwear style with this chest bag 3 pieces

"Wicci" Chest Bag 3 pieces

 Go out in style with the "Wicci" Chest Bag 3 Pieces. What to wear during your next outing to stand out from the crowd? This is the question that more and more partygoers are asking themselves, wanting to step out in style. This is a legitimate question since there are so many different styles of clothing that it's hard to choose. But, you don't have to think about it anymore, because we have a little bag that will make you more unique. Before you decide, we invite you to discover this beautiful product.

Description of this techwear chest bag

The "Wicci" Chest Bag 3 Pieces is a very simple chest bag that has something to offer you during your outings. It is at the same time a backpack, because it can also be worn on the back depending on the style of the wearer. It is made up of three different parts, which are attached to each other by the Molle system. It is made in pure black color, which would offer a great style to anyone. It is made in streetwear mode, which explains its elegance and great trend. It is also possible to see hip-pop, another famous fashion for decades. It measures 35 centimeters and can be adjusted according to the wearer's body type. There's no doubt that you'll be noticed on your next outing.

Great creativity with the "Wicci" Chest Bag 3 Pieces

The "Wicci" Chest Bag 3 Pieces is a very creative and stylish piece of work for all fashion lovers. It's a pretty compact and very simple choice for its style. With this product, you have something to store your items easily. It is very comfortable because of its nylon design, a very ergonomic material. It is a suitable choice for both men and women.

What to wear the "Wicci" Chest Bag 3 Pieces on?

The "Wicci" Chest Bag 3 Pieces is ideal for when you are out and about or even going to a nightclub. Wearing it over a white t-shirt would be a great idea.


  • Chest Bag
  • 3 in 1
  • Nylon
  • MOLLE System
  • Unisex
  • Length : 35 cm

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