Hoodie Techwear "Yachiru"

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Yachiru, a new dimension of techwear hoodie

Hoodie Techwear "Yachiru"

Unleash the urban ninja within with the latest addition to our collection, the Hoodie Techwear "Yachiru". It's not just a garment; it's a statement. Crafted for the daring, the wanderers, and the trendsetters, this hoodie is a testament to the sleek aesthetics of the concrete jungle.

Size Guide (cm)

SIZE Chest (cm) Shoulder (cm) Sleeve (cm) Sleeve Op. (cm) Length (cm)
S 62 67.5 58.5 21 70
M 64 69 59.5 22 72
L 66 70.5 60.5 23 73
XL 68 72 61.5 24 74

Size Guide (inches)

SIZE Chest (in) Shoulder (in) Sleeve (in) Sleeve Op. (in) Length (in)
S 24.41 26.57 23.03 8.27 27.56
M 25.20 27.17 23.43 8.66 28.35
L 25.98 27.76 23.82 9.06 28.74
XL 26.77 28.35 24.21 9.45 29.13

The Design Philosophy

With its sharp geometric cuts and a palette that whispers nocturnal enigma, "Yachiru" is your ally in the pursuit of the unseen and unheard. Bold black tones intersect with gradients of gray, creating a camouflage for the urban environment. The oversized hood doesn't just offer sanctuary from the elements; it’s a symbol of the ethos of techwear: utility fused with style.

Technical Specs that Speak Volumes

The "Yachiru" isn't just about looks; it's a marvel of modern attire engineering. The water-resistant fabric whispers against your skin, offering comfort without compromising on protection from the weather. Zippers are not mere accessories here; they are pathways to practicality, with every pull bringing you closer to the ease you crave in urban life.

Utility with Every Thread

Each stitch on the "Yachiru" is a dedication to functional fashion. Pockets? More than you'd expect, each one seamlessly integrated into the design, ready to safeguard your gadgets and secrets alike. The adjustable cuffs and hem mean that comfort is never a size away—it’s right there with you, tailored to your day.

Be Part of the Techwear Revolution

By choosing the "Yachiru", you're not just picking a hoodie; you're selecting a piece of the future. A garment designed for movement, for the flow of the city, for the rhythm of the rain. It's a canvas that lets you paint your story on the sprawling urban landscape.

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  • Cotton / Polyester

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