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Unleash the Power of Grip: Techwear Fingerless Gloves "Sago"

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Step into the future of urban fashion with Techwear Fingerless Gloves "Sago". These gloves are not just an accessory; they are an extension of your streetwise spirit, engineered for the urban jungle. With a sleek design that exudes a raw, utilitarian edge, the Sago gloves embody the essence of techwear: functional, fearless, and unfettered.

Design Meets Function

protection of Techwear Fingerless Gloves "Sago"

functionality of Techwear Fingerless Gloves "Sago"

The Sago Gloves are meticulously crafted with a cutting-edge blend of fabrics that offer durability without sacrificing flexibility. The reinforced padding provides protection while the fingerless design ensures tactile sensitivity, allowing you to interact with your devices effortlessly or navigate the city's obstacles with precision.

Style That Speaks Volumes

Fashioned for the street-style connoisseur, these gloves boast a bold aesthetic that makes a statement. The intricate patterns and strategic ventilation merge form with function, keeping you cool as the urban heat rises. Seamlessly pair these gloves with a techwear mask or cap to complete your look with a cohesive, cyberpunk vibe.

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functions of Techwear Fingerless Gloves "Sago"

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Seize the Streets with "Sago"

the amazing Techwear Fingerless Gloves "Sago"

The Techwear Fingerless Gloves "Sago" are not just accessories; they are your badge of honor in the urban landscape. Experience the blend of cutting-edge fashion and uncompromising functionality. Don't just wear your attitude — wear "Sago," and seize the power of the streets.


  • Tactical gloves
  • Metacarpal reinforcement : Yes
  • Cuff tightening : Self-gripping tape
  • Material : Nylon, Microfiber

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